Integrated Jolida, Xindak, Doge, MF

I currently have NAD separates c272 and c162. I am considering going with an integrated amplifier. Would the following be an improvement or would you take a different route (stay with separates)?

Jolida 502
Doge 6130
Musical Fidelity
Xindak v30
i have a couple jolida integrated amps and they are very nice sounding. i use the 1301 and 1701 hybrid jolida's with some tube rolling. The 502 is a very nice amp. another couple of integrated amps to audition are: prima luna, mcintosh "MA" series (i owned the MA-6500), classe "CAP" amps, and the new stello. i think any of these amps are a step up (if using the ma-6500, ma-6900 or the new 7000 mcintosh integrated it would be a huge step up) from your NAD components. for the price and smaller power, the jolida amps are very nice.
Hi Redglobe,

Too many variables to say for sure...e.g., speakers, source, room size, preferred listening volume, musical tastes, budget, etc.

Can you add some info?

The more I have researched, the less interested I am in tube amplification. The sound quality of tubes are appealing. However, I just am not committed to the hands-on maintenance of the equipment. Someone had recommended the Jungson JA-88D integrated.

I listed primarily to classical (light classical, sonatas, chamber), big band.

My equipment: VPI TNT jr, 12.5 tonearm, Jasmine 2.0 Se (just acquired), DIY Orca Designed TMM Focal speakers (ported with a pair of 7" W-cone mids, and Focal Audiom TLR tweeter). They are floor standing models. They seem to be efficient and very balanced, soundwise. Room is carpeted, 19 feet x 29 feet (listening space is across the short side).
I acquired the Jungson JA-88D. What a great integrated for a reasonable price. It is extremely smooth, detailed and powerful, with a deep soundstage.
i owned a jungson 88 integrated. traded it for a 50wpc el34 based tube integrated, the result wasn't even close. tube all the way.
I have listened to the Jungson now for 2 months, fully broken in. It is not cold and lifeless nor harsh like some solid state amps. It is warm and detailed with an incredible midrange. For those searching for experienced insight, Google Troels Gravesen. He is a craftsman who hand crafts speakers, and tube amplifiers. Look under his section called Amps Turntables/Auxiliary Equipment. Aside from his insightful critique of the integrated, he also disassembles the unit with annotation.

Note: I purchased the 220v version from Cattylink for $1300 less than the North American authorized retailer. Then I acquired a quality step-down transformer for $145. My total cost was $1200 US.
Agree with Mcgarick. I was recently in a similar position as yourself, and decided to try an ARC tube-hybrid pre-amp. It worked beautifully with my Citation SS power amp!