Hello all, 

There is a local pair of Xindak xa800 monoblocks for sale. 85lbs each and are supposedly 160w class a each. 1600 bucks so seems like lots of amp for the money. I haven’t been able to dig up much info on them. Anyone heard them of other Xindak amps have an opinion. 
Xindac been around a while.
heard more good than bad reviews!

  If from an American sale, I might buy them, if shipped from China, nope!

Did a little more digging and think I will pass on these. The few I found were having trouble selling for 1k so I think they would be difficult to unload once I wanted to sell them. Also I think the seller is misrepresenting the specs. In the info I could find they are 40w class A not 160 and weigh less than he is advertising. 
Seems like the stats are mixed between 2 different Xindak models.  There is the smaller XA8800NMU mini which is 160w and maybe 85 lbs for the pair----you can get these used for a lot less than $1600 and then there is the MA8800NME which is rated at 200w and goes about 50 lbs each.  I've had these and they are really quite good.  Resale sucks and I let my near mint pair go for $1000 which is a screaming bargain.  I just purchased a Red Dragon S500 for about $1400 shipped and unused and although no where near as visually impressive, sounds better to me in every way.  If you prefer a warmer sound, then the Xindaks might do it for you.  $1600 seems pricey in this market but they are a lot of amp for the money.