Integrated Question

I currently have Totem Forest Signatures powered by ModWright KWH 225i. I have rolled a total of three different tubes (stock JJ, Holland, Seimans), and have found the bass to be less impactful than desired. It seems to be all there, just laid back? I am considering a change in integrated.

Looking at Pass INT-250, Luxman 509z, Accuphase E-4000, and Boulder 866. Any one with experience with the above combinations? Am I heading in the right direction?

non-treated room (unable to address at this time)

Ayon S10 II / ModWright KWH 225i / Totem Forest Sig / REL S510 pr / Shunyata D6 - Delta v2 pc’s / Morrow Elite sc-interconnects (auditioning Fractal F1 next week)





Sorry Tony eyes aren't great after a stroke a few years ago ears are fine and the coda is amazing 

Sorry for delay in response. I was visiting my niece at Charleston Southern Univ. They grow up too fast.

JB71 & Others - I will take your suggestions and continue to play with existing equipment. I have been manipulating speaker/sub placement for awhile. I was thinking about how to address this issue on the drive back to PA. I had previously moved speakers in/out from wall and with distance between. It ended up 45” from front wall and 73” apart. The subs boxes are 5” off of front wall and just inside of main speakers. I tried the subs in the corners and had to dial down subs too much before acceptable. I have the subs set for @70Hz. Room 13x19.

As for tubes, the changes I have heard were more prevalent in the mids and highs. With my preference from Siemens to Holland to stock.

I am still going to listen to other amps. I started with a Parasound A21 with S10 pre and Backert Lab pre. Was ok but did not grab me. Then I tried Prima Luna amp for tube experience. Liked some things but did not grab me. I moved and sold some equipment and new location necessitated that I would go integrated route. I liked some elements of SS and tubes, so I tried a hybrid. 

Like I stated above, I truly enjoy my system except for this one aspect.

Even though Publishers Clearinghouse set me an email stating they have my address, until they knock on my door, I rather not spend another 10k to 15k on audio equipment. When I NEED another Moto Guzzi.




I also have the same Modwright and just got a Rel subwoofer to help with my large listening room. Exceptional amp with a great phono stage. Still trying to find the perfect speakers to match with them. But the more I listen the less I want to change amps. Next time you are in Chucktown send me a pm. Maybe you could listen to my system for comparison. Joe

The Bel Canto Black EX has high and low pass filters, a definite plus for controlling subs.