Interested in Focal Scala Utopias

I'd like to know more about the characteristics of these speakers. Anyone familiar with them? I don't think there are any US dealers.
Of course there are US dealers. One of which is in SoCal and another is in NYC.

If you want to know about the Scalas here you go: (in German)
Unfortunately, Sound By Singer doesn't have the Scala.

Anyone know of another east coast dealer?
You can contact Focal's US distributor, Audio Plus Services. I am sure they can point you to the right dealer.

Good luck!
do yourself a favour and order Maestro, I did hear extensively all utopia range side by side. Scala is great speaker(only complaints can be shy bass, intoleranse to sibilance and compression at higher levels) but Maestro is MUCH better- its way much smoother, but have more detail, transpaent but not bright, does not go in to compression on higher levels,bass can be felt not only heard, have soundstage and coherensy of drivers like not any other utopia III speakers(including Grande EM and Stella EM)
Hi Elviukai,

Your comments seem to confirm some reviews that the Maestro is a better "sweet spot" higher up the range if one can afford it. The Scala has been well-reviewed too though.

You say the Scala is "intolerant to sibilances". Why is it and not the Maestro? Just curious, as they use pretty much the same drivers and Xovers.

As for me, I could "only" afford the Diablo. They're just amazing. The Maestro must be like them with more bass I suppose!

well Scala and Maestro just looks similar, xover is diferent even xover tolopoly is diferent. frequency response is diferent (sensitivity is also diferent by almost 4-5db wchich both was confirmed sujectively with ears and objectively with measuring equipment)

Diablo litle bit similar( more than scala) to Maestro due same energy in midrange presence and hights speed of course high end and sparkle and speed (which is alo have Scala as well)

if we do not talk about Diablo and Maestro low frequency response, dynamic and copression(its just would unfair to compare theese features ) Diablo sounds quite agressive and hard in midrange with less than perfect setup.its speakers which requires very smooth electronic to sound smooth. its litle passionable monitor. Maestro sounds smooth as chocholate but resoliution is even better . one of my customer have theese and I hear them 2-3times a week at least. you just sit back and let music in. from chamber music to metal. from singel vocal niunases to grand orchestra with blows with realism. and does this efortelesly. Maestro doesnt go as deep as Grande EM in range 15-23hz (grande plays down where is no music basicaly) but Maestro bass is stronger, punchier than grande EM.

hope this helps
It does, thanks! :)
My Diablos sound amazingly smooth with solid state amps so haven't experienced any harshness. They're actually the smoothest souding speakers I've had, probably due to the low distortion of the tweeter.
I wansnt ment to say harsh, I mean realitive to Maestro with the same gear. I replied to your email more extensively. have fun
That was clear. I didn't want people to be worried about the Diablos as I've read so many weird opinions about the Utopia line... :)



I like how you put it. Intolerant to sibilance is I think a *huge* understatement. I was going crazy from the sibilance which I never had with the Alto. I tried everything and then figured out the problem. The Scala must be spiked directly to a hard floor. You cannot use coasters under the spikes and you definitely cannot use something like a Herbie's pad under coasters. So, if you have the Scala and hardwood flooring, you will need to get some granite slabs or similar and spike the Scala to them.
Spearit Sound in Northhampton MA has the Scala on the floor - I believe they also have the Diablo now. No problem at all getting an extended audition.

Scala sounded really good to my ears - I sure didn't hear any issues with sibilance. They were hooked up to Esoteric P1/D1's and Krell amplification.
Someone might not hear sibilance if the system is using components/cables that play with the treble or the system is less than transparent or the listener is not particularly bothered by it such that they do not notice it or maybe a million other things.

Just because someone does not hear it does not mean it is not there. For example, in the short demo set up for me by my dealer, I heard no sibilance (Esoteric P-03/D-03, BAT pre and amp and Transparent cables) but when I got them home it was unmistakable.
I had JM Focal Utopia la Scala 3 with Mc Intosh
amplifier and thy were real good. With Spectal
equipment JM Lab is just too much forward.
Therefore I bought Magico V3 perfect for Spectral.
So I think it is very important to give to the JM Lab
the right Amp.
it mainly depends on recodrds, not asociated equpment. with scala on too much "audiophle" records where mastering enginier "pupmed" up 7-10khz to make more "briliant" ,trasparency and "air" they are not listenable at all. when comparing diecty to Maestro utopia there is very audible diferencies on theese two speakers(where Maestro not sound so "pupmped up audiphile briliance sound")

My comments were regarding someone not hearing any sibilance at all with the Scala.

Now that I have the Scala spiked into the ground there is no sibilance generally unless, of course, as you noted, it is in the recording (and ime, sibilance is not only found in audiophile recordings but, also, a lot of commercially available music) but, then again, there is a lot of sibilance in human speech that we tend to tune out. It may also be the case that I am particularly sensitive to this phenomenon.

In any case, I have no issue with the Scala and sibilance.

I am not sure who your question is directed at, but if it's me, you can just click on the word "System" next to my username at the bottom of any of my posts and you will get all the details regarding my system.

Thank you, I like to think so.

I really appreciate your comment on the aesthetics as I made a conscious effort to address that aspect while building my system. While performance is paramount, performance isn't mutually exclusive from presentation. My girlfriends may not fully appreciate my hobby but outside of reservations over the size of floorstanding speakers generally they typically love the way the system looks and is integrated into the room and, further, seem willing to accept the size of the speakers when they get to hear their favorite music on my system (they start bringing over their favorite CDs just to listen to them on my system and I'm generally a nice host but have to draw the line on some CDs ;) ).
The Scala definitely has more mid bass. I just demo'ed both speakers head-to-head. Reading this thread and my in home experience, I spiked the Focals and played with the Sashas positioning at length. It took a solid 2 days to get the Sashas to kind of play nice in the room. I really want to buy the Wilsons and to give them a chance in that space but they just do not perform like the Focal Scalas did. I listen to a big variety of music and again, the Focals did a noticeably better job with handling the challenging media.
Pkancel, if the Scala had more mid bass than the Sasha, I would think it would be more difficult to position.

In my room, I have to EQ the Sashas @75hz down about 9db to get rid of the hump.

I had a quick audition of the Scala today at a dealer, but the setup was problematic (in a crowded room with the speakers on each side of a massive, three-column equipment rack). Midrange/treble was gorgeous, no edge at all (although it didn't seem overly extended in the high frequencies), but bass was all muddy boom (again, non-optimal setup)

Would love to hear more details of your head to head, i.e.
1) what size is your room
2) what electronics
3) what media you used/listen to
Pkancel- unless we think diferent about midbass decription(to me 55-75hz)there is no way that Scala have more midbass than Sasha.
as they are rear and down ported speakers it may possible to arrange spekaers placement far away from rear wall where Scala would get close to very atenuated Sasha midbass, but even in this condition Sasha still have stronger midbass.

Scala is very nice but polite sounding in midbass.
Just heard the Scalas at Digital Ear in SoCal, also heard the Revel Salon2 but was not impressed. I listened to the Scalas, on Burmester equipment with Transparent Reference cables, for about an hour and appreciated the relaxed and nonfatiguing presentation.

I was amazed at how similar the Scalas were to my Wilson Watt/Puppy 8s (probably due to the Focal sourced drivers). Maybe a little smoother. Relaxed and organic kept coming to mind. Beautiful styling-my wife hates the Wilsons calling them R2D2.

Wondering if these would be a lateral move? I haven't heard the Maestro's yet, but maybe a lttle to rich and large for my 20'x14.5'x8' room.

Any other opinions on this new line of speakers from Focal would be appreciated. thanks.
I had side by side demo'ed the Wilson Sashas and Scala Utopias and definitely don't believe it would be a lateral move. I strongly believe IMHO that the Scala Utopia is an improvement in every sense. I guess for you, even the aesthetics are improved on the home front. The Maestro is a bigger speaker and I doubt that it will overpower your room. I helped my brother in law set up his pair in July in a similar sized room to yours and they locked in to perform quite nicely.
The size wouldn't be a problem since I replaced a pair of rather large PBN Montana EPS2s, which my wife prefered to the Wilsons, probably due to the wood veneers. She truly hates the look of the mod/industrial Wilsons. Now I am very happy with the way my Wilsons present recorded music but would consider something that provided sonics at least as good as the WP8 with better visual appeal to make my wife happy. Considering the price/performance level we're discussing, that move would have to be substantially better than my WP8s.

Most people, but not all, prefer the Sasha to the WP8, and you've heard the Sasha and Scala. It sounds like you easily prefer the Scala to the Sasha, so maybe not a lateral move. But as I said earlier I was pretty impressed with the relaxed delivery the Scalas provided. My wife (important factor, as I don't have a dedicated music room) and I also prefer the looks. If I make any move, it will be to the Scala.

BTW, there's a dealer selling the new Scalas, on the net, for around $20k ! Now thats a pretty good deal. I guess theres some profit in this speaker at roughly $31k retail in the USA!

I'll keep you all posted.