Intergrateds: Classe,Krell,Bryston.......

Looking at gaining detail,transparency,and dynamics while retaining musicality and soundstage depth...considering Bryston b-60,Classe cap 100,Krell 400(?)...any standouts?
I can't comment on the others mentioned but I have a CAP 151 (cousin to the CAP 100) and detail, transparency and dynamics are just great! I've just recently reentered the high end world again but I haven't forgotten what makes music so involving as I've made changes. Classe has been an excellent choice for me, presentation is fast and tight. If you seek a more bottom heavy sound I would caution that you may have to embellish with your selection of cables and associated equipment, but my 151 is very netural and revels extremely well,IMHO I don't see a loser in your selection just depends on prefrence. Audition first if you have the option and happy listening.
can't go wrong with any one of these. the bryston is my personal favorite. all are neutral as can be, and match well with a wide variety of front ends and speakers. outstanding build quality also.
I think the newer b-60's use the SST amplification design. That might be a big improvement over the original one, so if you go used try to get the SST version. I've never heard either b-60 but I owned the amp that the original was based one. It had great authority and I like it a lot but had a bit of grain compared to the competition of today.

I'm almost afraid to bring this up - heck I AM afraid to bring this up but I will anyway: DK VS-1 mk II's are showing up used, and if you saw my review (, I really love the sound of this unit once you upgrade the input tubes.

I can't say how it would compare to the latest generation B-60 or the others you mentioned.

I left my Bryston B60 for an Electrocompaniet ECI3...the ECI3 was more musical...but lacked in dynamics and high frequency extention...I'm gonna be back on the market for another integrated soon and I think I'm gonna try the Bryston B100sst I was very happy with the B60 (it's still in the family)

just my 2c fwiw

Hi. You hasn't mentioned what speakers and music you are using it with. If you needed power, the Krell 400xi would be give you the power you needed. It has lots of details, transparency, neutrality and dynamic. As for musicality, well, different people has different taste and it's up to you to judge for yourself but all I can say is that: with the right speakers, the 400xi is musical to my ears.
Nice hybrid int amp ,perhaps ? Nice offerings from Pathos,BAT,DK design etc.Get some tubes on the pre stage.Tube rolling fun and relatively inexpensive.

I use a Pathos Logos with Merlin VSM-MMs ....