Internet Streaming and Channels

For anyone who has followed along I recently purchased a Cambridge CXN (2V) Streamer to add to my classic and vintage (mostly) system which us basically an ARC LS2B MKII remote pre feeding two Sumo Andromeda IIa amps powering Acoustat electrostatics + an excellent Sansui TU-9900 tuner and Sony XA 5400 ES CD/SACD player.

Initially I found the Cambridge rather screamy and digital sounding..  can't say if it was just not broken in, poor cable choice, poor channel choices or whatever.  It's now got an decent Audioquest power cord and Straightwire Expressivo interconnects and digititis has gone into remission, or at least left the room.   Don't get me wrong..  it's not vinyl, and it's not the Sony CD on Redbook, but it's internet RADIO, so far anyway.
With some 20,000 stations aggregated by Cambridge the "work" of sorting through stations of any of their hundreds of genres to get to stations playing top, very good, decent or crap quality has become a bit of work. ...  especially with 20 presets available.  I listen to classic rock, male/female vocals, blues, blues rock, and a variety jazz from trios to selected tenor sax players.
The station to station to difference in sound is truly amazing, even when they are outputting the same kps rate is huge. Some have a natural in your room image performance that is almost unsettling while others are just screamy noise nonsense.
At the moment I'm listening to Radio Bob! Classic Rock @ 192 kbps with a respectable playlist so far, no commercials (we will see) and natural tonality.
Any one found a way to sort through all this and get to the best channels?  ...  of course I mean sonically since playlists and content are too subjective, but feel free to throw them out....  genre and station name.
75 views and zero posts......    I guess no one listens to internet radio or all are too timid to post something.
I suggest Radio Paradise FLAC. It has excellent sound quality, no commercials and a wide selection of music. 

Radio Paradise is a listener-sponsored Internet radio station that identifies itself as an "eclectic online rock radio" station. The channel differs from most FM channels and other Internet stations in that the music played is chosen by human DJs to form thematic relationships in smooth arcs. Also, music is not limited to a narrow range of genres, but instead represent great variety. Radio Paradise plays different styles of pop and rock music, but occasionally other genres from jazz to classicalto electronic music and world music. While Radio Paradise is a for-profit business, it does not broadcast commercials but is financially supported through donations from listeners. It is known familiarly as "RP".

Calm Radio has 200+ channels of many different types of music. Sound quality is acceptable.
Depending on the interface you're using, you should be able to sort by genre (rock, jazz, etc.) and also sort by streaming quality.  I rarely listen to internet radio, so don't have specific station recommendations. 
Radio Paradise FLAC does not come up but Radio Paradise does, as does Eclectic Mix, Mellow Mix, and Rock Mix.  Listening to the Rock Mix now but have spend a couple minutes on Mellow and Radio Paradise...   says they stream them at 317 kps  ..  good sound. 

Thanks guys.
Also FWIW, I've found high multiple genre quality streams under Radio Bob, Audiophile, Powerhitz and Radio Art....  
I added the Radio Paradise FLAC Steaming URL link to my Aurender Music Server. I received this link from RadioParadise and it is a FLAC stream via this URL. The link is:

For Aurender users, I go into the radio tab, click on the + sign and enter the URL. I named it Radio Paradise FLAC. It works perfectly. 

If possible, please see Qobuz FLAC streaming. This is an excellent source of music and it is excellent.
I added the link to my PC desktop.  Will see how it Bluetooth's to the Cambridge.  Bluetooth receiver due in today.  With books, travel, net radio and CDs time is already way too short before we add photography and travel.  Don't know how I ever had enough time to go to work before I retired.
LOL...  the Bluetooth connector to the Cambridge came in this evening..  I just couldn't resist.   ..   so of course I plugged it in.
All of my CDs have been ripped to Apple iTunes on PC.  From there a copy exists on the Galaxy's 256 gb micro card.  I use Double Twist's app on Android for music...  generally only used with headphones when I travel via air.
At the moment I'm listening to decent quality music (I'll have to AB to CD player) from my phone's copy transmitted via Bluetooth to the Cambridge while the phone is charging on a Qi wireless charger.
Is the nest HD search for Bluetooth and such?

OP here for the last time......    I have 20 really good (HD) stations in preferences now.  Changed one this AM after they played the Same Blake Shelton song 5X in 5 hours.  The Cam,bridge apps not the greatest, at least on old Android Galaxy S7 Edge, but very serviceable with a bit of experience anyway.
As I wrote earlier I changed the power cable and went for some interconnects that match my system and those changes greatly improved the naturalness and fluidity of the sound.  I may or may not report back around the 500 - 600 hour mark as I intend to run it another two weeks and see where it settles.  So far more hours equals better more natural and less digital sound.
I'd be certain there are better alternatives for more money up the high end scale...  and I'm including the cost of power and IC cables in that statement.  OTOH, if your foot is tapping and your head is bobbing and it sound great to you, on all twenty tagged favorites where can this go?