IP address on an Olive 06HD

Hi Guys, 

I have an Olive 06HD for about 4 or 5 years. My wireless router broke down and I need to replace with a new one. Lo and behold when I installed it with a new router, my Olive app is requiring an Olive IP address. I don't know where to get this as its been a long time. Will appreciate any help. Tnx
I don't own an Olive so I may be off base here but, in many cases, music servers work the same way with regards to networking so I'll take a shot at it.  Most likely, your Olive receives an IP address automatically from your wireless router (using a process called DHCP).  You need to log in to your wireless router as the Admin user (using a browser - check the router manual for instructions).  Somewhere in the menus will be a section that shows all of the devices connected to the router and what IP addresses they have been assigned.  The one assigned to the Olive will be the address your app needs to contact the device on the network.  FYI, addresses assigned by DHCP are "leased" to each device and it's possible for them to change from time to time so you may have to repeat this process in the future.  Dick
Hi Dick,

Ok I will check the manual of the Router. Thank you so much! Happy New Year!