iPad as music server/player Airplay to Mcintosh MAC7200 upto audiophile quality?

Hi Everyone:

I am a minimalist. Seeking the simplest system chains to reach or surpass CD quality( 44.1khz/16 bid).? Already has a Mcintosh MAC7200 integrated (w. built in DAC)+JBL synthesis speakers.

If I use iPad air2 (TIDAL)airplay---- AppleTV3 optical link to------ Mcintosh MAC7200(built in DAC), Will this front end source chain reaches 90%(equal or better than Red book CD) quality?  If a iPad pro or any other simple low cost device(like a microRendu) will  improve the source chain a lot more?

I really like the iPad/Airplay convenience. Any input will be appreciated .


I use an iMac and AirPlay to transmit to an Apple TV3, then via the optical connection to a Simaudio 300D and to either a Simaudio i-5 LE or a Cayin A-50T integrated. It's extremely convenient and I do think it sounds at least 90% as good as going directly from my Simaudio Moon Neo CD player to the DAC.
I don’t see any reason to believe you’d see any noticeable impact. Tidal will still stream CD quality and Airplay is lossless at that quality. I use Roon sometimes now, mainly because Airplay will not be able to stream full MQA, but I don’t know if you’re DAC supports it anyway. 
Two small suggestions:

1. Use Airport Express instead of Apple TV (plenty of documented reasons)

2. Buy an iFi SPDIF iPurifier to reclock the Apple signal before it hits your DAC.

Spend an extra $200 and it will get you from 90% to 95%...;-)