IPad Pro to preamp

I listen 95% vinyl 5% CD but recently signed up with Amazon HD to stream music in my car. I like that you can make playlists and was wanting to know how can I connect my iPad to my preamp to stream without buying a Node or other streamer. And what would the sound quality be. My iPad doesn’t have a headphone Jack so the 3.5 to RCA cable is not an option.


One option would be the WiiM Mini. It would let you stream over WiFi from your iPad to the WiiM and use the headphone analog jack on the WiiM Mini to connect to your preamp with a headphone to 3.5" RCA cable. If you have a DAC in your system the WiiM Mini also has SPDIF optical output. $89 on amazon.com


Sure you can.

You will be using the IPad as a streamer, DAC , and kind of preamp in your scenario.

Honestly in most cases I did this, the sound was better than I thought it would be… but not competitive with other inputs. Using an external DAC will be much better.

Amazon has dozens of connectors for either analog output or digital (many connector types) or both.

Given the cost to do it. I would just do it and see what you think. A high quality DAC will help a lot as a bridge until you can afford a high quality streamer… if that is the way you plan on going.

I just looked at the WiiM Mini, that's pretty cool. My first foray into streaming was was with an Apple Airport Express 2 (802.11n Wi-Fi Base Station 2nd Gen A1392) that performed the same function. They were discontinued in 2018 but still available on ebay for around $50. I believe it came with a  3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter to plug into the pre-amp.

I was a little late to streaming. I originally did it so my daughter who was 15 at the time could stream her music from her iPhone. According to her, I only listened to music by dead people. She was wrong of course, they were only mostly dead.



Thank you all wish I had my old A77 I only want to stream because I can make playlist I love my vinyl have around 1500+ albums. I’m 67 so vinyl is my main source. But think I’ll bite the bullet and get a Bluesound Node my son has the Power Node and loves it. Just like that I can make a 3 hour playlist so I just sit back and listen. Just don’t know if I’ll be happy with the sound have a Rega Apollo CD player that only gets used every 3 or 4 months. We will see. Amazing to have so much music at your fingertips I have Amazon HD. Once again thank everyone for your input.