IRS2092S based projects

Hello there, guys!

I've decided to order some parts from the internet and have some fun building a class D amplifier for home use with loudspeakers.

I haven't seen many projects that use IRS2092-based boards and have a lot of details. Many of these are just brief YouTube videos that don't go into great detail.


Is there anyone who has used these DIY boards before? What are the benefits and drawbacks?


My setup consists of two of the 150w units for stereo sound, as well as a tube preamp, VU meters, and a passive tone board. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to get it all working together beautifully and have some fun along the way.

I've read some tutorials like this, but I still have no idea.


I can't help but just for future information. The accepted format of audio power for easy comparison is the WPC, both channels driven, for the frequency band of 20-20K, into 8 ohms, with acceptable distortion for the design, usually .1 or less for solid state and often much less. That is so we are all talking about the same thing and can compare easier. 

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