Is all home related 3d equal?

I am curious about mainly Projectors for a possible upgrade to 3d in the future. I am getting curious as to the actual look of 3d and wonder if it varies from monitor to monitor and projector to projector.
Does the depth richness and realism vary or differ between given products or pricepoints?
I have seen a couple demos and be it material or hardware some look better than others. is it just me?
I don't know anything on the 3D market but the best value projector for extreme high end picture quality is currently without doubt the Panasonic AE4000. The darn thing is as good as the older generation $10,000+ projectors at an unbeatable price point of close to $2,000.
Oh I have had a couple Panasonic Projectors and really like the 4000, that anamorph simulation is pretty darn cool aswell.
If I hadnt ran into a Sony VPL100 for $700 with a new bulb a year or so ago I would have the 4000 already but the Sony is a darn good unit and a steal for what I got it for. But when it dies or even needs a new bulb I will likely scrap it and get the 4000, the Epson 8700 or as fast as things move these lord only knows what will be for the taking when I am shopping. You gotta hand it to Panasonic as they make some stupid good models for a laughably small amount of cash and as far as I am concerned Ronco and the like if even better at all certainly cant justify the pricepoint of the likes of Epson, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and such.
The biggest thing I've noticed with 3D are people who complain about flickering with the glasses when watching on a LED set at 240Hz. Normally If you are buying a TV I would go with a Plasma for the 3D (I personally don't care for 3D but to each their own).

I have not seen or heard any feedback regarding the projectors but I know one that would be good in just 2D would be the JVC RS40. JVC gets it right with PJ's and the HD250 is outstanding at its price point as well.