Ask the local curmudgeon (me) anything related to tech or liquor. :)

I don't know that much about liquor, but I know what I like.


Maybe this could be applied in some way to preferences in liquor. A friend who lives on the Texas Gulf Coast is fond of saying, "There are two kinds of beer, warm beer and cold beer, and I like both of ’em."

 Why is Jim Beam owned by the Japanese? Why have the Japanese become obsessed with whisky and cats?

 Personally, I prefer a little of the original green label Jack.
Japanese like to make money .That's why per-capita they are richest people in the world .
The USA is richest country but 45% of the people can't come up with 500$tomorrow .
I'm the richest man in the world. I have one quadrillion dollars. Says so right here on this Zimbabwe dollar bill.
I don't drink often. But when I do, I drink a lot.
Stay thirsty my friends.
As usual, thoughtful, entertaining and fun. Thanks for all your posts. I really enjoy them. 
Who are you and why would someone want to ask you tech questions?  I'm just wondering what your specialty is.  Are you an engineer that works for a well known company or something?
1. Do belt drives retrieve more info than idlers?
2. Why is a Belgian quad the best beer?

1. Do belt drives retrieve more info than idlers?

Who cares, direct drive is the only audiophile turntable solution. :D
2. Why is a Belgian quad the best beer?

Because it's almost as good as Brother Theolonious?
The Humours of Whiskey

  While a child in me cradle, me nurse with her ladle
Was filling my mouth with a notion of pap
When a drop from her bottle fell into me throttle
I stumbled and capered clean out of her lap

On the floor I lay crawlin' and screamin' and bawlin'
'Til me mother and father were called to the fore
All sobbing and sighing they feared I was dying
till they found I only was a cryin' for more.
Aside from the traditional bourbon producers in Ky, three corporations from three different countries ha e divided
Cont. Fat fingered the last post. Anyway three have divided rhe bourbon and rye producers. Suntory (Japan), Diageo (Britain), and Sazerac (USA). Japan has been producing high quality and awarded whisky for decades. The acquisition of these brands by the above three corporations 
In my opinion is a good thing, cash to upgrade facilities, expand product lines, and expand world markets for true quality american products. Just my opinion. When I pour some Basil Hayden it just tastes good.
I only have one question.

What are this Wednesday night's Powerball winning numbers.

Thank you in advance.......
And talking about fine Irish whiskey ...

Two-lifetime friends are in the hospital. One, O’brian, is on his death bed. His best friend McNeil is by his side, holding his hand, comforting his best friend in his final few minutes.

O’brian in a very weak voice, slightly above a whisper, says to his friend: ... "McNeil, my dearest old friend, I was wonderin,’ would ye do me a favor... After I go, will ye get a bottle of the finest Irish Whiskey and sprinkle it over me grave?"

McNeil responds: ... Sure laddie ... but I was kind of wonderin’ would ye mind if I filtered it through me kidneys first?"
"God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from conquering the world. "

I've had several Japanese "Scotches". They were all very good but also as pricey as many high end Scottish Scotches. I've also had a pretty good "Scotch" from India.

I'll answer my own "Pappy" question since Erik seems reticent. ;-)

I've had Pappy 23 and while I thought it was very good indeed it was only a little better than Four Roses single barrel and not really any better than Blanton's. At many many times the price of Four Roses and Blanton's I would never consider buying Pappy. If the fad ends and Pappy catches up with production I might pay a few bucks more for it over the other two. But I might not.
Forget Pappy (23 year is delicious but waaaay too expensive IMO) and go with EH Taylor Small Batch. My favorite sub $50 bourbon. Delicious! 
Hi @ebm:
Wow another amazing thread.Ill think about it and let you know asap. 

In a private message you called my work "bloviating."

Here's what I suggest: Contribute to the forums in a way you would like to see others contribute. Lets see your creativity, passion and knowledge take new and exciting directions.



Trick Question: Erik, do you find that your liquor brings you more satisfaction when drank in a room with proper sound treatments?

Answer:  How would Erik know, every room in his house has proper sound treatments.

Japanese single malt tastes digital while the real deal tastes like tubes and analog.

I wish!! As an apartment dweller and frequent mover, I do travel with five GIK Panels and 2 Soffit traps and curtains to cover hard surfaces with, but only in the living room.

Somehow I make do each time. Definitely not perfect, but also the best sounding room in the building I'm in. :) 

A few years back I read an article on Pappy's by a whiskey lover who was also a chemist. Pappy's just copied Taylor's old formula. All one had to do was buy two of Taylor's present offerings and mix them in a certain ratio and it was practically indistinguishable from Pappy's Reserve. That, and you saved a bundle.

All the best,
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mental"I do enjoy a good drink with my audio, among other vices"

It is amazing the amount of time, energy, and money that users, contributors, and posters to this forum spend on drugs, intoxicants, and mind-altering substances and what is most amazing is that these same USERS expectct us to take they're opinions, claims, and assertions seriously when they're brains are addled with foreign chemicals.
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@clearthink : NO ONE has said they expect YOU or anyone else to take they're opinions, seriously or otherwise.

Probably the worst mind-altering 'substance' is the sense of ego that makes everything about 'you'.
^^^ "Everything in moderation" is a good motto to go by. Unfortunately, there are those who are prone to addictions and must be under the influence of their drug of choice (including alcohol) in order to have a good time. 

That reminds me, I'm almost out of Single Malt.


"Probably the worst mind-altering ’substance’ is the sense of ego"

Ego is not a substance it is a concept it is not something you consume even the most ego driven individual stands a better chance at making good decisions and choices than someone who’s brain is corrupted, polluted, and addled with the mind altering drugs, alcohol, and intoxicants that are regularly, commonly, and routinely endorsed, promoted, and advocated hear.
@clearthink, said: " Ego is not a substance "

You don't say? Did you see the little '     ' things on either end of the word substance?

But otherwise you are totally correct as your username would (so ironically) suggest. Ego never gets anyone in trouble and is probably the very thing that would solve most of our cultural problems. I don't know what I was thinking. I must have been drunk.

One has to wonder what the ego to humor ratio is sometimes. In this case "inversely proportional" comes to mind.
n80"I must have been drunk"

Yet another forum user, poster, and contributor who's thinking, reasoning, and logic is weakened, compromised, and rendered useless by the use of chemical intoxications I feel sorry for you and the others similarly afflicted and I hope you get the help, support, and guidance that you need. 

"there are those who are prone to addictions and must be under the influence of their drug of choice (including alcohol) in order to have a good time. That reminds me, I’m almost out of Single Malt."

I feel sorry for you and the others similarly afflicted and I hope you get the help, support, and guidance that you need.
@clearthink: " I hope you get the help, support, and guidance that you need."

I think all of the rest of us hope the same for you too.

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@mental : "Learn to lighten up and enjoy the forum"

Agreed. In threads like this the humor should be apparent. In other places it should be too but the line is often blurred. I think its best when we give folks the benefit of the doubt for that reason.
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AND on that note, I'm the guarantee man for Knob Creek Whiskey. If for any reason you do not like their whiskey, please carefully package up the unused portion and send it to me, and I will "cheerfully" drink it for you!
There is fairly good clinical evidence that a single alcohol containing drink per day is actually beneficial to health in a number of ways.

For males there is fairly good clinical evidence that two alcohol containing drinks per day causes no harm. Less for females.

There are also studies that counter these but they seem to be based on weaker data.
Ribeye, asparagus, green beans, chopped salad with dried cherries and blue cheese. Should I open the cheap (but 92 points tasty!) Spanish Red, Chianti Classico, or the Kirkland or Dunham Cabernet? I know the Dunham will probably be the best, but its 2016 kinda rather give it another year or so. The Kirkland Oakville is great, but no more for a while so kinda like to sit on that one too. Or at least save these for some evening where I’m not so rushed. Which oh yeah, no time to listen tonight either. Dang. Maybe just crack open a bottle of beer, call it good.

Okay so, Black Butte Porter? Widmer Hefeweizen? Too light for the steak? Got a real nice Belgian... Mac & Jack’s African Ale...dang this is hard! erik!! Quick before dimthinkster can paste one of his terrible troll trifectas....

"... intoxicants that are regularly, commonly, and routinely endorsed, promoted, and advocated hear."

Thanks for reminding us that this is a AUDIO forum; but I do find a single-malt dies improve my 'hear'ing experience.

Here, hear! But let's not forget that malted barley can also be roasted, sparged, fermented and bottled into a tasty carbonated ale! No distillation necessary!
millercarbon, go with the Chianti. Perfect with the steak and the cherries. They say nothing pairs with asparagus but it won't hurt the Chianti.

Or go with the porter. If not with, then after the meal for dessert.