I got some of the ic3 in balanced and rca and they just amaze me.They have me replacing some high end cables. Has anyone found them to sound good
you guys ,all i wanted was to make sure i was liking the sound by seeing if anyone else did,i dont know why you people who live a negitive life from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed ,even wake up to see the next day.thanks for your input.i bet i could trace you negitive people treads and see your negitive about evey thing on here..i think you should stop takeing your meds and spin out so you can complane to the doctors in a nut house,,THEN I COULD GET A REAL ANSWER..IF IT DONT APLY LET IT FLY
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seams you have done that to me before tvad,i could be wrong. im saying if you like silver sound the ic3 is a cable that is under 100.00 from a guy like some of us,and will give you your money back,and will cook it before you get it,,,lets see tara or audioquest do that,with out a dealer fight