I got some of the ic3 in balanced and rca and they just amaze me.They have me replacing some high end cables. Has anyone found them to sound good
I just ordered some and should know soon but worth a shot since i do not have to finance this purchase (like so many other vendors). May I ask what you put the ic3's up against?
Everyone claims the ultimate cables. No such thing, just what works best in your system. You can spend hundreds or thousands on cables with no guarantee of the results. Case in point is the Valhalla killers. Many low priced cables claiming to be superior, whereas you will have many Valhalla owners dismissing that claim.
here's a post i started on the polk site about the ic-2's
I have a set of the IC-3s(copper) and they are pretty darn good, although I have now replaced them with the Speltz Anti-IC, which is even better to my ear. Admittedly, the Speltz costs more than the IC-1. I have not yet tried the IC-3, but I am interested.
I would say that at the current price it is offered and the 30 day demo it is a safe bet. But would be easier if you could demo them from your local brick and mortar
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they are not saying they are the holy grail of cabledom just a great sounding cable that some claim have bested their much more expensive cables at an affordable cost that a lot of us music lovers on a budget can enjoy.
all i know is that it makes my system sound awefully good nand i can now save up money for other upgrades.
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Agreed. Flavor of the month is passe'. It's now flavor of the day; soon to be hour.
I have a pair of the IC-3's and they are certainly well made cables that are a dramatic improvement over what you can get at retail stores. I'm using combinations of these and Van den Hul (bought used).
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you guys ,all i wanted was to make sure i was liking the sound by seeing if anyone else did,i dont know why you people who live a negitive life from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed ,even wake up to see the next day.thanks for your input.i bet i could trace you negitive people treads and see your negitive about evey thing on here..i think you should stop takeing your meds and spin out so you can complane to the doctors in a nut house,,THEN I COULD GET A REAL ANSWER..IF IT DONT APLY LET IT FLY
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seams you have done that to me before tvad,i could be wrong. im saying if you like silver sound the ic3 is a cable that is under 100.00 from a guy like some of us,and will give you your money back,and will cook it before you get it,,,lets see tara or audioquest do that,with out a dealer fight
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then im sorry tvad,its gets you when you go to a forum to spead the word of something real and you get guys pissed at there wifes so they dump on us in should try the cable
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I do not think anyone is saying you need to swap. This just appears to be viable option to some high priced stuff like signal cable, and some others.
On one hand, I understand there have been a score of posts about products that fall into the category of 'flavor of the nano-second' as of late. On the other, Darren Hovsepian putting some of his knowledge and experience into what appears to be a bargain priced product should be welcome news. Just my $0.02

I found this odd, though: "...all i wanted was to make sure i was liking the sound by seeing if anyone else did..." I don't understand why someone else would need to like them in order to validate your otic perception. Don't you trust your own ears?
Can't remember exactly how I came upon the Audio Art website...but, because of the price and guarantee...Thought I had nothing to lose to try them. Believe me, I'm generally biased AGAINST so called 'giant killers'...

I'll give you the short version...I was extremely impressed with their interconnects...and have subsequently replaced my (much more expensive, and previously undefeated) interconnects with them.

I then trialed the Speaker wire...also very impressed...however, ended up staying with mine. (I suspect that if my system combination was slightly different, I would have also kept the Speaker wires).

In my opinion (and my system) both products are excellent, without price qualification. However, (again, in my system) the ICs seem to be the pick of the litter.

One other thing that really impressed the customer service...I consulted with the owner, Robert Fritz, on several issues...he and his service is outstanding...truly seems interested in offering an excellent product at a fair price. You know this game...he could probably easily have added a fancier jacket and some junk science and quadrupled the price...but he didn't.

Not to be harsh...but people that would discount Audio Art products because of their reasonable prices are idiots. To be clear: I'm absolutely NOT saying some ultra-expensive cables aren't fantastic...and might possibly shread the AA cables in your system. However, I am saying these are excellent products, worth considering and worth trying regardless of your current investment. (Period!)
I have to say these are really really good cables. I have had them for about two years. They are really musical. I do not mean they are laid back or forward. They are not edgy or dull or bright or dark and not warm or cool in my system. They let me hear the sounding board of a piano played at a distance. Hear the realistic resonance of a violin and convey the richness of it. The natural overtones in balance with the leading edges of a guitar. The realistic snap and cavity echo of a drum, the brassy zing of brushes swishing cymbals. The owner is a helpful person and they offer a trial period. These are very very good. Hope that helps somebody.
I own their best AC cord and ICs. Very good but the power cord is excellent. If you want to get quite a bit more from them get them cryogenically treated. Makes quite a big and positive difference.
I find AudioArt the best "cheap" cable not because they are so great, but because they do nothing wrong.