Is B K ref 30 and 7250 amp good?

I have a friend that wants to invest in quality home theatre equipment and he has come to me for help. I am an audiophile and am much more familiar with 2 channel equipment so I am looking for good advice. Can anybody tell me about the quality of the B & K reference 30 and 7250 amp? Are they the best for the money? He plans on using Sonus Faber Grand Piano's for speakers along with a Velodyne sub. Thanks for any comments you can supply.
Hi Pug. I've heard good things about the B&K products for HomeTheater and if you want more information got to and you'll find a collection of reviews (proffesional and personal) on most equipment available. When you get there, just put in B&K and it'll take you to a large amount of reviews for B&K products.

I hope this helps you out.
Check out this very favorable review. I have bought a ref 30, but haven't hooked it up yet.
Just hooked mine up a little over a week ago and I think it's great. Smooth and Warm sounding.
I can't comment on the Ref 30 processor, but I did own the 7250 for two weeks. Its a nice amp, but at 2500 retail I didn't feel it was competitive. In my set up, which is dedicated to HT, I felt that the 7250 smeared details and and had a soft leading edge on transients. You could argue that for music playback that this laid back quality and warmer presentation enhances the music, but for home theater I want to hear all the action and subtle queues in the surrounds. For this reason I returned my 7250 and bought a Parasound 2205. More power, better bass control, more punch, more detail, and its musically honest. Its also better built.