Is Burson Buffer Best Bet for Bustin Boost Problem

Ok so here is the issue. Using a 2.5V MC cart with my Linn Kolecktor pre ( designed for MM )is ok but lacking proper gain to play classic rock at hi levels. I don't want to turn volume to 11 and introduce excess noise etc.
Does anyone have this issue? My research to date looks like the Burson 160 Buffer would step up the gain just enough to solve the issue. this may be cheaper ($500) than buying another preamp or cart since I am happy with those two components at this time. Anyone tried the Australian Burson?
Bad idea. A buffer such as the Burson is intended to improve impedance matching between line-level components. Its 3 to 6db gain will not help significantly, and its 0.015mv output noise level is only about 50db below the signal level of your 2.5mv cartridge with 6db gain applied to it. That would probably result in noise levels that are considerably worse than what you now hear.

Also, there may be impedance matching issues that would have to be addressed to properly load the mc cartridge.

If your preamp becomes excessively noisy on the phono input with the volume control only at 11 a.m., an external phono stage might be worth looking into.

-- Al
My previous post was based on the assumption that you were asking about the possibility of connecting the Burson between cartridge and preamp. I should add that connecting it between preamp and power amp will not help either.

That would result in a volume control setting that is 3 to 6 db lower than where you now set it, but the noise level will not be improved. Phono mode noise is invariably dominated by noise generated at or near the front end of the phono stage circuitry (which in this case is within the preamp), since any noise generated there is amplified by everything that follows. So that noise will be subject to 3 to 6db less gain in the preamp, and the additional 3 to 6db of gain in the buffer, resulting in no difference relative to what you have now.

-- Al
Hmmm, so it seems this buffer would not be the solution. I guess I will have to start looking for a phono pre amp here on Audiogon.

The current setup with the Basis and the Sumiko Blue Pt sounds a little edgy for my taste so perhaps I should consider a tubed device ??