Is it worth the trouble and expense?

First of all I have been a sorta audiophile for 40 yrs. Always upgrading my system trying to find the perfect balance between audio and HT. I've found Marantz to be the best balance. Now I own Rotel older amps and pre-amps (RSP985 and RB985) for 5.1 surround sound and all video directly connected to my Samsung monitor. Getting the bug to update everything to boost music and HT. Currently have Paradigm on-wall speakers but they are really lacking in performance. Have a SVS PB-1000 sub that I love, but the lower end is missing the mark with the Paradigms. Have B&W 602's for speakers but Wife thinks they are intrusive. (still working on that idea). Looking for speakers that pass the WAF, so keeping it to wall speakers maybe driven by either a Marantz or Anthem\Arcam HT Receiver. Maybe 7 channels because I don't think I'll progress beyond that spec. I am 63 years old and know my hearing is limited (Led Zep). Looking for a moderately priced HT Receiver that will satisfy my listening needs without breaking the bank. Not your typical Audiogon subject but just looking for suggestions


I'd trade surround for the elegant simplicity of a KEF LS60 augmented by a pair of KC62 subs.  Roon and a first rate Blue-ray player combined with eARC from your TV could provide high quality music and HT while passing WAF with flying colors.  KC62s flanking a 75 or 85 inch TV is a handsome sight that can provide 192/24 audio.  The subs can render pipe organ pedal notes and HT special effects. 


I like @dbphd suggestion but if you decide to go with a sub/sat combo I would stick with Marantz and get one of their new receivers (AV60). As for speakers RSL consistently gets high marks:

Focal has a nice sub/sat system:

and Bryston On Walls would be on the high end:




Bryston's look nice but way out of my price range. I have shopped at accessories for less for Marantz refurbished and have have positive responses. Thinking the KEF 305 series with a good Marantz AVR will satisfy my cravings. Can't see where the Arcam\Anthem receivers could benefit my limited aural capabilities. At this stage in my life the KEF will meet my needs (and WAF). I'll keep the B&W 602s2 for my vinyl collection and maybe invest in a good 2-ch amp for my cave. Then sell the rest