Is it wrong?

I should disclose that I’m feeling a little relaxed right now, thanks in part to a few Knob Creeks. Okay, that being said, on with the post: I started flipping through some ancient CD’s. You know the ones, CD’s that you forgot you even have, and I ran across a Patrick O’Hearn CD titled “Indigo”. Well, I popped it in the tray and I’m loving it. I think they used to call this stuff "space music”. I also seem to remember people poking fun at this type of music. I guess what I want to know is: Is it beneath my dignity to be enjoying this so much? I’m really having a ball!
bourbon. Named after Abe Lincoln's home in Kentucky,USA. High grade and as The great one Jackie Gleason would say smooooth.
darkj - Nice blog site! Your Feb 3 post featuring a slide show for the song "Synopsis II" is absolutely wonderful. Especially uplifting for a late winter day in mid-February.
A long ago acquaintence(went by the name of Dr. K)once told me:
Do what you feel
Feel what you do &
Do it all over the world!
Nice replies. Thanks everybody.

Darkj, I haven’t looked at Windham Hill in a long time. I used to like them in the beginning too.

Nebin, Booker’s is my treat Bourbon. I might even like Tiny Tim on Bookers.

Tpreaves, I’ve been seriously considering just that, ever since the Harmonix Rings.:-)