Is it wrong?

I should disclose that I’m feeling a little relaxed right now, thanks in part to a few Knob Creeks. Okay, that being said, on with the post: I started flipping through some ancient CD’s. You know the ones, CD’s that you forgot you even have, and I ran across a Patrick O’Hearn CD titled “Indigo”. Well, I popped it in the tray and I’m loving it. I think they used to call this stuff "space music”. I also seem to remember people poking fun at this type of music. I guess what I want to know is: Is it beneath my dignity to be enjoying this so much? I’m really having a ball!
Anything that brings joy to someone without bringing harm to another is worth doing. Enjoy!
Hearts of Space, Windham Hill, Andreas Vollenweider, some Vangelis - it's all musically valid and even interesting. I love new age, particularly early stuff where artists were still inventing the genre. I love it enough that I started my own Windham Hill Records discography blog.

It's funny, I consider myself a jazz fan first, and l listen to a lot of electronica these days, but I felt like Windham Hill wasn't getting the attention it deserves.

So you didn't like the Patrick O'Hearn when you got it. Sometimes we grow into music. There's plenty of music that I didn't appreciate as a teen/twenties that I now love at twice that age.
I suggest you immediately make an appointment for a bit of psychotherapy ,you clearly need help !!!!!!!! :)
I think to post your issues on the internet to a bunch of strangers is a clear sign of desperation. My suggestion is to bottle up your feelings til something breaks!


I heard some Vangelis the other day and enjoyed it. I will look into Patrick O'Hearn...
bourbon. Named after Abe Lincoln's home in Kentucky,USA. High grade and as The great one Jackie Gleason would say smooooth.
darkj - Nice blog site! Your Feb 3 post featuring a slide show for the song "Synopsis II" is absolutely wonderful. Especially uplifting for a late winter day in mid-February.
A long ago acquaintence(went by the name of Dr. K)once told me:
Do what you feel
Feel what you do &
Do it all over the world!
Nice replies. Thanks everybody.

Darkj, I haven’t looked at Windham Hill in a long time. I used to like them in the beginning too.

Nebin, Booker’s is my treat Bourbon. I might even like Tiny Tim on Bookers.

Tpreaves, I’ve been seriously considering just that, ever since the Harmonix Rings.:-)
I well remember discovering the "Music From The Hearts of Space" program on the radio late one night long long ago. I was hooked. For a while I collected some of the stuff that I liked. I'm OK, you're OK.
Years ago I went to a hi-end audio store to have my mid-fi amp repaired. While waiting for them to bring it up front, I explored in the top of the line room. I had never heard of most of the brand names, nor seen speaker cables that thick. A salesman asked what I was doing, proceeded to sit me in the sweet spot, then popped in the Patrick O'hearn cd "Truth". I was transported into another world and have not looked back since. That was my first experience with some of the best gear made. I truly experienced the truth. Enjoy!