Is Museatex/Meitner in business?

I used to remember seeing advertisement for the beautiful and for what I could tell, great sounding Museatex products from Canada. Whatever happened to them and is it true that you can still get their products through their office in Canada? Any feedbacks on their products would be appreciated, especially about their Amps. How do they compare with other known luminaries such as Pass, Sonic Frontiers Designs
Last I heard, Meitner was bought by the same company that owned ADS speaker, which I am not sure is even in business. If you check another thread about the 101amps you will see my remorse for letting the P6i preamp and MTR 101 monoblock amplifiers go to my friend. It was my second system at home until I went hometheater, but it is very musical sounding equipment with very adequate power for 100 watt/ch. I drove B&W 801 III's to very loud levels with no problem with this equipment. Very underated stuff. Very good looking and compact too. My wife still wants to shoot me for selling it because it was her favorite sounding equipment. I have all Krell now, which is fantastic also...more detail, effortless sound and unlimited power, but for the money, there is nothing that comes close to the synergy of the above setup from Meitner. It really sounds best together. HOpe it helps
See my description and other peoples' comments under the current thread "Opinions on Meitner MTR101 amps". They are still in business, although they've moved west. Their digital stuff is among the best for the money, and the amps are a bargain, but clearly a more tube-like tonal balance than a lot of today's "high resolution" solid state.
Meitner has left ADS, which owns the Museatex name. He now has his own business called Meitner Audio Labs. ADS still does warranty repair on Museatex gear. So does Ed Meitner. If you need their info, let me know.
Glenro: I've dealt with John Wright in the past--is he with Ed Meitner now? If so, Meitner Audio Labs will be all I need; if not, I'd love both addresses, as I'd like to update my PA-6, I thought John did a fine job updating the phono section on it earlier and I think Mr. Meitner is an audio genius. Thanks.