Is Nordost Frey IC similar to Heimdall?

hello fellows audiogoners, I think I found the right interconnect for my system, the Heimdall, and I really like it A LOT. Sweets harmonics, real voices, instruments with lots of air, live, full, deep bass, a perfectly balanced sound (does not disturbs you with accentuated low or high freq, not sharp focused but focused enough, etc ), the winds (saxophone, etc) with fat meat on the bone, amazing. Its absolutely full sounding, not lean in any way (common adjective for nordost sound). I have a demo IC, 1m, and dealers price is about $650. Its a bit out of my budget whic is <$500. There is an ad for next IC in the nordost lineup, the Frey, which fits my budget. I know that interconnects sounds different, and the frey which is similar design like heimdall, but has two more monofilament strands, can sound totally different from heimdall.. so the question to audiogonners who have listened to these cables.. will Frey retain the same perfectly balanced sound like heimdall? My system is Manley Stingray, Focal Electra 905 diapolito, Marantz DV8300 CD/SACD, Nordost Solar Wind 2.5m Bi-wire. thank you for the comments.
Hi Mjordanas,

Gee, if it were me I would just save my pennies until I could afford the Heimdall. IMO the price is not that much more then your budget and I'm fairly certain your dealer would hold the interconnect for you with a small deposit.

I have found in the past when I didn't go for what I really wanted in the first place I wound up spending even more cash in the long run to attain it.

Wish you all the best,
Frey is above Heimdall in the Nordost line. Buy Frey used on Agon. for $500 or less for 1 meter. All the new Nordost cables have a similar sound. Both Heimdall and Frey were raved about in HiFi+ mag, if I remember right. Frey is a great cable (I have several). If you buy it and for some reason and don't like it, you can always sell it easily again on Agon. BTW, Heimdall is even less expensive on Agon.