Around the end of February, before the Covid lockdown, I had the pleasure of meeting Peter L. in Peekskill NY.  He was so generous of his time and knowledge, such a gracious host, and after an enjoyable and very informative conversation on many topics, I spent nearly 4 hours listening to the strain gauge and Hyperion cartridges.  The sound that these cartridges produce is remarkable, especially the strain gauge.

I communicated with Peter by email over the spring, during the "lock down" and in mid June once more to solidify the details for my order of a SG-200 and three SG-6 styli which I placed on June 19th.

After 8 weeks, I was able to reach the "other Peter" at SoundSmith who was working from home and unable to provide any time line for delivery of my order.

Over the last few days, I have been unable to reach anyone at SoundSmith-- their phones go immediately to voice mail and no one has returned my calls.

Does anyone have information as to whether SoundSmith is still in business and producing cartridges, and whether Peter L is still making his special strain gauge carts?

I cannot pay enough compliments to Peter L and his creations and certainly hope that the lack of response is merely that they are overwhelmed with orders and business.

Thanks for any information.
God willing he did not get COVID 19. If he does it will not go well. Is there anyone who can take over the business if something happens to Mr Ledermann? Hopefully they just shut down for the disease and will get back to it once the vaccine is out.
wish peter well

he just sent me a redone ruby tipped fine line stylus for my grace in april

small businesses have it tough

i would think with all of us stuck at home he would have a lot of orders

I finally reach Peter Green at SoundSmith.  We spoke on the phone and he sent the following email:

"we are alive and well and in fully operational. We appreciate your concerns and your patience under the difficult circumstances we are all operating under."

Apparently, they have had difficulty getting parts due to the Covid lockdown around the country and world.  Also, Peter L has taken a few weeks off and he is the only person that assembles the stylus/cantilever for the Strain Gauge carts since each is not only hand made, but matched to the electronics if the SG200 (and I think  he is also the only person assembling the Hyperion as).  Hopefully, Peter L is well and just taking a much needed vacation, Peter G did not say.

Peter may had just been busy trying to straighten-out a hairspring. (inside joke:)
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I am very interested in how strain gauge technology is applied to cartridge manufacturing. My knowledge of strain gauges come from the application in the construction industry. Strain gauges can be used in a variety of cases (technology around for many years). For example....apply a strain gauge to a steel beam (such as used in a building or bridge construction). Then apply a load. The strain gauge relays electrical info to an instrument. Computations are then done to calculate the actual "strain" on a certain component.

To apply this technology to a cartridge is truly fascinating. I would like to know more?

The manager sent us a request for a Club Zoom Interview.
There is a very well done Youtube with Peter L. amazing guy.
Long time before SoundSmith Strain Gauge the Japanese made Stax (and Panasonic) cartridges. Some more about Stax CP-Y and CP-X condenser cartridge is here.
Soundsmith is still in business . I just received a cartridge which I sent for retipping . Did a great job on it I might add .
Big fan here, Straingauge customer since 2014. Due for two SGS-6 stylii replacements in next 18 months.
Best Covid era news yet, Peter still rocking.

Two links are in Japanese. Is there an English translation somewhere? 
Thank you,