Is the Dynavector XX-2 really an upgrade for me?

I have a Transrotor 25/25/60 with an SME 309 tonearm and a Shelter 501MKII cartridge and have been looking at the Dynavector XX-2. I have read that they really have some synergy with SME tonearms. However, the reviews have been with the SME IVs and Vs and I wonder whether the XX-2 is overkill for the 309.

So, 2 questions result. One, is the XX-2 worth the additional outlay considering I already have the 501? Two, if it is, will I realize the benefits on a 309?

Lmusiclover, if you will decide to get rid of your sme-301 please drop me email at tempo3d at yahoo dot com

I am new to this wonderful world of high end time point of time your tonearm would be quite an upgrade to me!
A 309 is the same basic arm as the IV and V; differences are that the 300 series (309. 310, 312) use an alloy arm tube as opposed to the more expensive units which use magnesium which is supposedly better at resonance control. In addition the more expensive units have higher grade bearings and easier adjustment capabilities and allow more easily repeatable adjustments.

Having said all that there is no reason a cartridge that mates well with a IV/V should not mate well with the 300 series. You should have good results with the Dynavector just as you do with the Shelter. I use a 501 shelter with a SME 312; works well.
1musiclover: If you like the Shelther sound, my advise is that you go for the 90X.
Now, the XX-2 is a very good cartridge and can works very good with your 309 tonearm.
Hard choice.

Regards and enjoy the music.

Thanks for your reply. My 309 is a magnesium bodied tonearm. So, that being the case, it has more in common with the Seies IV and V that it does not, correct? So, taken one step further, the XX-2 will have much of the same operating qualities!


Thanks. The 90X is out of my price range, however. So, if the XX-2 and 90X are fairly close, then I will go with the XX-2. Funny, the 901 has not been mentioned!?!?