Is the EPI 100 an 8ohm load?

RE: EPI 100

I can't seem to find the correct ohm rating for the speaker...anyone out there have any idea?

...i'm concerned whether my Sansui AU666 will be able to drive them, once i get it back from the shop.

thanks in advance
Mt10425 - the AU D11 is 120 watts/channel, whereas the AU 666 is 38 wpc...

I think i should be fine anyway, but i'm not 100% sure. My sugden seemed to drive them just fine...before it blew a channel,that is (not from over-driving, mind you; the issue lies elsewhere).
Thanks, Arh! I was on that page earlier, but didn't see the spec sheet... only the review portion.
Loose- I know. I also tried them with my 10 watt tube amp just to hear how they sounded. Obviously not very loud in my medium-sized room but listenable. Depending on your room size, they should work to some extent for you.
Sure. I find it very balanced with a tweeter easy to listen to. I have re-foamed the woofers as that part doesn't age well. I had some growing up and got a great offer ($45 pair) that I couldn't pass up. They play well with vintage electronics. I hope you have a chance to hear them.