Nordost Quattro Fil is still good

Close to a year ago I bought a turntable and changed my entire loom to Nordost Heimdall. Before, I was using Red Dawn rev. 2 SC and Quattro Fil XLR from my DAC to amp. Big improvement on overall sound, especially up top, in the treble region.

Fast forward to yesterday. I had the Quattro Fil collecting dust so I purchased some WBT 0152cu RCA plugs and converted them to RCA so I could use them with my new headphone amp. They are significantly stiffer than the Heimdalls so I swapped them. Heimdall on headphone amp and QF on phono stage.

I must say I was pleasantly impressed by what I heard. I don't recall hearing that big a difference between Heimdall XLR and the QF XLR, but on RCA's, the QF were better.

I spun a few albums, but Rush-Hemispheres really stands out. I'd never heard the low end so clear. The QF dug a little deeper, but also separated bass drum/tom tom whacks and the bass line. Compared to the QF, the Heimdall's sounded a bit congested in the bass region. The treble was about the same with just a bit more air with the QF.

Overall, the QF's sounded more refined. I hope they retain this character after a few more hours of break in.

Regarding the plugs, the WBT0152cu are full metal body unlike the WBT0110cu Nordost uses. Maybe cleaning the connectors also contributed to the better sound of the QF.
The quatro fils are excellent. Just a small touch shy of Valhalla in performance, and a step up from Frey. It would a big step up from Heimdall, single ended or balanced.
I like my Quattro Fil cables too.

Question: Has anyone done a comparision between the Quattro Fil and the Tyr cables, (using balanced terminations especially)?

I use a long (4 meter) balanced Quattro Fil interconnect cable from my Ayre K-1xe to my Lamm M2.1s, (and then bi-wired Valhallas from there to my EgglestonWorks Andra II speakers). I was considering upgrading this interconnect to balanced Valhallas, but they are so darn expensive, especially since I would like to increase the length to 4.5 to 5.0 meters, (as they are stretched pretty tight right now). So I was thinking of compromising by going with the Tyr cables instead, thinking that they might be an upgrade, (albeit not quite an much of an upgrade), from the Quattro Fil cables. (But unless I find a killer deal, or hear from someone that has already compared these two cables, I will probably not be in a hurry to do such an upgrade as I do like the sound as it is.)
When I compared the QF with Heimdall XLR, I don't recall hearing too much of a difference, but it was on my DAC. Maybe the higher output voltage plus stronger output devices minimized the differences.

That's why I didn't think twice about switching between the two. But after that first listen, I was surprised. It may also be the phono stage is more sensitive to cables.

Then again, since I compared the two in XLR form I had made a couple changes. New listening room, speaker cable, and capacitor upgrade for the power conditioner. As the saying goes...everything matters.
I still use the QF and find it still to be a superb cable. Newer is not necessarily better. Raw materials have increased in price considerably since QF days so you may not be getting the same value for the same price.

You should really give the Nordost Series2 a try. Quite different than the original Norse series. Note the Tyr2 has been added to the Norse Series. Much warmer and more 'liquid' sounding than the originals.
I agree that Norse 2 is better than the original but amazingly Valhallas are still around as reference cable even after a decade.
Valhallas are still around as a reference cable because they still ARE a reference cable. It was a breakthrough design that has stood the test of time. Breakthrough designs in cable are very few and far between. Same for amps, pre's, less so for DAC's and speakers (e.g., magico, YG, etc.)in my opinion.

Another fine alternative is the Nordost Valkyrja, which was between Qfil and Valhalla, i.e., the spot presently occupied by Tyr. Valkyrja was dropped from the line and replaced by Tyr. Valkryja is also a great buy in today's market since it is much lower priced than Tyr but is nearly identical in sound. Some have said the Valkyrja was superior to Tyr but Nordost felt it was too close to Valhalla at a much lower price, the reason why Nordost replaced Valkyrja. No way to confirm that, however.

I can say that when I replaced my Frey interconnects and speaker cables with Valkyrja, the improvement was very very significant all across the spectrum. I could never go back to Frey after Valkyrja.

When they were a current model in the Nordost line-up, published reviews of Valkyrja were superb, with one calling it 90% of Valhalla at 50% of the price.
I also use a pair of Valkyrja's in my BR system and they are everything Dne says they are. At current used prices they are a great bargain.

Been trying to find secondhand qfils and/or Valkyrja's here in a'gon but havent been lucky. This may explain that the current owners are very happy with them.
Hello if you want resolution and detail very similar but a bit more warmth
The Analysis plus Solo Crystal Copper loudspeaker cables ,with matching interconnects,or if you want a bit more sparkle their top In- connect Silver over a Copper, excellent cables and much more of a $$ bargain then Nordost with -0
Drop off in quality or sonics. I had Synergistic Copper, Acoustic zen silver ref, 2 which is close, and MIT -36 interconnects,solo Copper Loudspeaker cables.
Look them up in older reviews ,redesigned in 2012 now even more open and a bit faster.
Or another recent alternative comes from Ansuz Acoustics. I recently changed out Nordost Heimdall and Valhalla cables for Ansuz. I wrote about it HERE. Similar in character but blacker and more musical.
Just in case anyone is reading this thread for information on the Nordost Quattro Fil (and they should as this is still a very, very good cable and still better than a lot of current Nordost and other cables out there) I am responding to what audioman58 posted. I have had the complete opposite experienced with Analysis Plus cables and I have tried all of their models. I use mostly tubed electronics (preamp, monoblock amps) and I could never get AA cables to sound like anything other than "soft", rolled off and just too "warm". Perhaps the AA cables would be better with a bright sounding solid state system but again, with tubes, and in MY SYSTEM, the AA cables were just too "mushy". The Nordost cables I am using have brought a better synergy to what I use, and I get detail, a much more expansive soundstage, both in width and depth, and there is a more "real" feel to the music. 
It is always amazing how some cables in some systems can work magic, while in other systems they are an anathema. Always better to listen if you can, but with more and more brick and mortar stores closing up I certainly understand why people have to rely more on reviews and forums. Sad thing is on forums and the like, there is more opinion and not a true in depth review, and we all know the saying about opinions...