Is the Walker Audio Updated Phono one of the Best?

I do not hear much about the Walker Audio second edition phono stage,Is it considered one of the best or a notch below the top tier.Would appreciate any input.


I have only heard it in the context of Lloyd's personal system at his house. Everything there is optimized around Walker components. Like anything Lloyd produces, he takes it as far as he thinks he can go with it before taking it to market. In the context of the entire system I heard, it is something special. It is the one area in which Walker Audio believes SS is the way to go. Is it the best? That answer will vary based on your listening priorities and system synergy.
Thank you for the input slipnot,I am using lloyds black diamond table and the Cat legend pre-amp.I was thinking of mounting Lloyds phono on the table and bypassing the cats phono,going right to the line section but I have no experience with his phono.


I have not heard Lloyd's current Reference phono stage. I did hear his previous Version of the Reference phono stage, in his system. I was very impressed, but it was hard to point to who was doing what.

I own an older, discontinued Walker Signature phono stage, which to my understanding had the same circuitry, but in a metal box as opposed to a wooden box of his original Reference. I did prefer the Walker Signature to my BAT VK-P10SE w/ Super-pak though. The BAT was a tad darker and warmer, but the Walker was much quieter, quicker, livelier and articulate.

After hearing it also at Lloyd's place, I would certainly agree that it one of the best. With an AirTight PC1-Supreme on his table, it was one of the finest sounding systems I've heard. Not sure how much of the credit goes to "updated" or not, since he had multiple changes since I had heard his rig previously.
If you get a chance, it's worth traveling far to hear. Good luck,