Is there a 300B type amp out there with some WATTS behind it?

I recently acquired a Feliks Audio Arioso 300B amp.  To put it simply, it is incredible.  I understand one way to tackle the issue of using SET amps is with high sensitivity speakers.  Is there a 300B or something that gives you that same sound out there with power so you have more speaker options?


@dweller that is an interesting approach. I would love to hear if anyone has used it and what they think.

I use a 300B (Woo) headphone amp for my headphone system. Then Audio Research tube amp (in triode mode) for my main system where lots of power is required. Once I heard the 300B of my headphone system… I upgraded every part of my main system to achieve a similar sound… natural, musical, detailed. My all Audio Research system does that.


I would have a listen to the Audio Research VT80. It has a beautiful warm tube sound and power.

As mentioned above, there are 805 / 845 / 211/ GM70 etc big transmitter tubes that are capable to go into the tens of watts range. These big transmitting tubes have remarkably neutral sound, and they mostly take on the character of the driver tube.

So, if you want 300B sound with more watts, go for an amp with the tubes above, that uses the 300B to drive the power tube. You will get the 300B sound but with a lot more driving power.

Still, as above mentioned, at this point you would fare better upgrading the speakers than changing the amps. No power output can replace dynamics that comes from speaker sensitivity.

However, going for more sensitive speakers means BIGGER speakers, so your choice is down to available space.





try Decware for high-efficiency speakers that should pair well with your 300B. They also just released a 300B amp. Even made in USA! I have several of their products, and am not associated with them at all. Just a very happy customer.

@jasonbourne52   I have one, the VAC Renaissance 70/70 Signature, it's glorious. 65 WPC drives anything with in reason. 1-2 ohm taps, 2-4 and 4-8. It in Sarasota right now getting the Signature update.