Is there a non-DJ version of the Technics SL-1200 Series?

Hey A-goN,

I think I recall mention on a non-DJ / Home Audio version of the venerable Technics SL-1200 series of turntables. What is the non-DJ version made for home audio? Is it the SL-1600? Is there a mk II-V, etc., like there was with the SL-1200? Does the non-DJ version command a lower price on the used market? Is there any down-side to the non-DJ version? Any missing features, etc.?

I sometimes see SL-1600, SL1650 and SL-1700 for sale locally. Are these worth owning? 

Thanks for any information and recommendations.
The SL-1200 was not produced for DJ use. It became popular with DJ’s because it was a fully manual and build quality was above the others. Many moons ago I owned the semi automatic SL-1400 , it was nice but not in the same league as the SL-1200!
The 1200 is favored with DJs because of its unmatched build quality and endurance.  In addition, the precision of its construction make it ideal as a high quality audiophile turntable for home listening.  I have had a 1200 in my household for many years.
You'd better look for brand new SL1200G if you want something better than nearly all old Technics models. SL1200G or cheaper SL1200GR are much better than everything you have mentioned. 

The blast from the past: SP-10 mkII or if you want something cheaper looks for SP-20. I've had both, here you can find my ex SP-10mkII in Obsidian Plinth and my ex SP-20 in a custom teak wood plinth. 

Personally i wouldn't buy  SL-1600, SL1650 and SL-1700

The cheapest is SL1210 mkII ($300-500) can be upgraded step by step, here is mine with Isonoe Feet, SAEC SS-300 mat, Grace F9E cartridge, KAB Fluid Damper, Zu Audio Mission Phono cable, Cardas Tonearm wire. I wouldn't change the arm because this is not my main system and not my main turntable. But the upgrade i've done wasn't expensive and improved the sound a lot. 

To recommend a suitable turntable, we need to know how you are planning to use it. If you want to put on a record, sit down and listen, then there are many good turntables with better vibration isolation than the SL-1200mk2. Also keep in mind that the SL-1200mk2 is an often abused turntable by rap-“djs“, and probably needs major overhauling of the spindle, motor and tonearm. On the other hand, if you are planning to use it as a rap controller for serato, just get any cheap $50 turntable at Walmart or an electronic encoder that is designed for serato. 
@sleepwalker65 are you ill ? 

this is all from your posts, see below, i think you need a doctor

If he wants to be a rap-“DJ”, then he doesn’t need a turntable, but need a serato box and a rap controller or two.  

My first SL-1700mk2 was a rescue case, nearly destroyed by a rap-“DJ”. He took the feet off of it and lost them.

The Technics SL-1200mk2 is a risky proposition. Most of them have been thrashed by rap-“DJ”s and will need all moving parts replaced.

... these ham-handed orangutans destroy millions of SL-1200mk2 turntables every year.

...well that it survives even being abused by sub-human rap...-“DJ”s.

... most SL-1200mk2 turntables have been destroyed by rap...“DJ”s.

This one of my upgraded SL1210mkII on Isonoe feet, with KAB Fluid damper, fully rewired, with Orsonic headshell and the ultimate Glanz MFG-61 cartridge (find more in Glanz thread about the carts).

When i decided to upgrade further i just replaced the turntable with this SP-10 mkII

If you don't like the "dj look" of SL1200 series, just go for the ultimate SP-10 mkII (used), this is a much better turntable. But even SP-10 mkII was made for radiostations, broadcast studios and have been used by radio DJs for decades. This is the ultimate High-End Direct Drive for audiophiles too. 
I'm just looking for a second TT that I can use in a second system and sometimes to leave the house for local audio get-together ( 3-4 times per year). Looking for inexpensive table that doesn't require any fuss for this use case.

I may just end up with an Audio Technical  AT-LP120-USB for this use case. If so, I might go through the effort of bypassing the internal phono pre-amp as I've read it provides an improvement in SQ.

Thanks for your replies. May keep the 2 new Technics on my radar and I may pick up a Pioneer PLX-1000 if I see one at a good price.