"Round Midnight", what is your favorite version?

This tune has haunted me forever, every week I get a new favorite version; this week it's "Bobby McFerrin".
First: Richie Beirach on "Continuum" Eastwind label

Second: Any version by Miles

Third: Herbie Hancock Quartet with Wynton
If you really like the tune, you must find the Laurindo Almeida/Ray Brown collaboration where the adagio from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is combined with Round Midnight. On LP, this is a particularly stunning recording, and quite the challenge to accurately track Ray Brown's bass.
I've never heard a bad version of this standard. Just like Makin Whoopee! Never heard a bad version of this standard either. I have many different versions and everyone sounds very cool!
Funny how now one mentions the writer Thelonious Monk. He does several great versions of it. My favorite is Maynard Ferguson MF 3.
2 outstanding Latin Jazz versions can be found on these albums! -
Rebeca Mauleon - Round Trip
Pablo Menendez & Mezcla - I'll See You In Cuba
Any version by Monk,after Bird my favorite musician of all time.What a beautiful tune.So many people have cut this,I recently bought a stack of reels.One had Julie London singing it,Nino Tempo's is another kind of obscure version.And yes it does leave you thinking,particularly if you made the mistake of playing it 'round midnight while alone.