Is there any stat speaker to stick on the wall?

With kids and wife we are sick of all these stands, cones, etc.
Would sound be negatively affected ? what models to suggest?
Since I am thinking about a hole new system, I am quite open to opportunities. Advices on amplification really welcome.
(PS: I would look into used high value items rather than at newer costly things).
Electrostatics, like most planar speakers, are typically dipole radiators, and therefore emit some sound to the rear of the speaker.

Because of this, amoung other reasons, they're are usually not designed to function properly next to a wall.

For other advice, it would help to know more about your musical preferences, size of listening room, your listening habits, and/or equipment you have liked or disliked in the past.

Ultimately, if your family maintains veto power over your speakers, you could be in the wrong forum.
Magnepan has their MMG-W model for wall mounting. It's a planar magnetic rather than an electrostat, but it might do what you want...
Yes Magnepan's model is great for a budget speaker, they only sell internet direct but you can do 6 surrounds and a center for I think $1200 get an HSU Research sub and amps that have some power, and everyone is happy.
Martin Logan also makes wall mount speakers.
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VMPS ribbon monitors can be pretty close. My RM30s can be placed against the wall and will still sound terrific. Among the most beautiful cabinets, too.