Is there anything to match a Naim CDSII?

I'm currently building a system and whilst I've settled on Dynavector amplification and Royd speakers I'm still getting grief over choosing the right CDP.

The CDSII is the best CDP I've heard in my system, but because the price is so high I'm wary of buying it only to find something better to lie unauditioned or come along a month later.

What I like about the CDSII is how truthful it sounds. Textures are extremely clean and natural, rhythmns are pin sharp, quiet acoustic music sounds delicate and soothing (although acoustic guitars lose none of their natural snap) and metal/hard rock is explosive. All the other players I've heard in a similar league seem to have a rather artificial sound that distracts from rather than enhances the music.

As competition to the CDSII I was thinking of the forthcoming Resolution Audio CD56 (i don't now anything other than the positive reviews of the CD55) and the Sony 777ES hot rodded by Audiocom. Can anyone give me some advice? It'd be much appreciated.

As a reference, here are some of the things I've crossed off the shortlist:

Accuphase DP75v - Very liquid, "pretty" sound, but the more I listened the more vague and uninvolving it sounded.

Mark Levinson 390S - A lot of impact, detail and colour, but over time it sounded OTT and a little bloated. "Larger than life," but not in a good way.

Musical Fidelity NuVista - Zzzzz. A rather weedy limp, hyperdetailed sounding player.

Wadia 301 - Appalling. Warm, smooth, detailed and narcoleptic.

Chord Dac64/Audionet tranport - Great presence and timbre, but rather synthetic sounding and a bit on the dark side. Quite grainy too.
I have not herd the new ARC CD3 yet, but the CD2 was a great sounding machine and I am confident it is competitive. You may not find it right for you but it would be worth your time to listen to it. ARC didn't get where they are by making bad sounding gear.
Muse Thalia 9 is possibly the best overall single box player I have heard thus far. It has a wonderfully layered, spacious presentation and does a superb job rendering timbre and tonality. Highs are extended and free from any digital glare or harsh anomolies. Its pace is tuneful and rythmic, thus making all sorts of music a pleasure to listen to.
I have heard the CDS II w/XPS power supply (also heard the CD5 and CDX) and feel its an incredible player that does everything extraordinarily well but at its price point it should do it all and from what I heard I think it has accomplished this for the most part. My budget does not allow me to get into a player of that magnetude, so I opted for the Muse.
I've had no qualms with this player, it does so much so well, it is hard to pick faults with it.
I believe you might be as thrilled with this player as I am and believe it would fare well against any high end one box contender available at this time.

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Don't know your budget, but feel the Linn Ikemi is a great player for the money. Their CD12 is among the best available, but at least 11K on the used market.
There's been a lot of talk lately in these forums about the Audio Aereo Capitole. It's about $6k or so, but many believe it to be the very best CD player under $10k. Other players to consider may be the Electrocompaniet EMC (new upsampled version has been out just a few months), and the YBA CD1delta - very analog sounding, yet full of detail.
Just to buck the trend here a little bit..... I have tried to build a price no object system, where price is very important. Spectron amp used $1000. some would say best amp. at any price. VMPS RM 40 speakers $5,000. but best of show 2002. beating speakers 4-10 times there price etc. etc. Having said that, the Bel Canto DAC2 is now available for shippment $1,300. 24/192 with a fairly good transport it is supposed to better the Lynn 12 or Naim. Mine will be here on Mon. the 18th. BC recommnends a Pioneer 444 $200. over a stand alone cd player, due to the DVD players having a buffer stage providing a strong Digital signal to the Dac. where it would take over. Just food for thought. Guy