Iso Acoustics tweak for regarding P9 or probably any rega table

After Art Dudley noted an improvement in his turntable with the Iso Acoustics pucks. I ordered the "Indigo"
units to try with various components. I got 3.  They proved to enable my Rega P9 turntable to exhibit more
of a full soundstage and a bit bigger presentation than other substitute feet I've tried.  May work with other
rega tables too.  Weight wise ( the P9 is maybe 20 lb) you could make do with the Oreo Bronze  instead of the slightly more costly Indigos.  3 bronzes support 24 lbs.  3 indigos support 48 lb. The latter slightly higher.
Try to evenly distribute weight in 1/3's.  I left stock feet in place.  My table set up for mono.  Bessie Smith
sounded full and rich and detailed.  Bottlehead seduction.  Pass p20. Pass xa30.5. Sopra 1's. 
I also use the Orea Bordeaux under my table (Garrard 301) I think they have a huge improvement over the cone system I had prior. most notably the isolation of external vibrations, not suspended table isolation mind you. I found they helped focus the detail quite a bit and stabilized the low frequencies allowing for much better bass detail. Over all a great addition to my table. I also use three. 

Note they need to be with in the weight range or you will not get the full benefit out of them, this is because they need to be properly pre loaded but not over loaded. 
I have tried every foot combo, isolation platform that is known to man! The best by far is Ikea bamboo boards with the Iso Acoustic Indigo feet!
Cheers, Doug 

@plastico, does that include the Townshend Audio Seismic Platforms or Pods? Or the Machina Dynamica Mini Isolators (springs) under the bamboo board?

The IsoAcoustics feet (including the GAIA) all appear to be nothing more than just another rubber foot (the GAIA has a metal housing, but whatever isolation it affords is that provided by the rubber insert at it's center), similar to Sorbothane, Navcom, EAR Isodamp, and all the rest. The isolation capabilities and properties of rubber is limited to no lower than 10Hz, not low enough, especially for turntables.

I stand corrected. I should have said, I have tried everything under  $500 CDN. And the Iso Acoustic Indigo feet are unlike anything rubber. 
Cheers, Doug 
Just bought a pack of 10 Century Spring Company compression coil springs off the bay.
3 inch long, 1.25 inch od, 0.080 coil wire diameter, 17 coils. Rated for 26lb each spring.
I figure with my 45lb turntables I will try three first (78lb total) and if that sags a little too much will go for 4 at 104lb total but I think the 3 should be perfect.
Cost was an enormous $27.50 for the 10!
Just spent an hour researching coil springs on the net first for all the attributes and then went a hunting!
We will see......

I also was not overly impressed with the GAIA and ended up reselling them on.

@plastic, while not wanting to come off as contrary, the Machina Dynamica springs are only $50/4 (they can of course be placed under a bamboo board), the Townshend Pods around $300/4. The Pods come in a variety of load weight ratings, all about the same price for two sets as are the GAIA 2 ($600/8), and half the price of the GAIA 1 ($1200/8).

If you look at the cut-away diagram of the GAIA on the IsoAcoustics website, you will see the outer metal housing of the footer, the layer of proprietary rubber on the bottom of the structure, and the structure's interior. I still use a set of SIMS Navcom Silencers (Navcom is best rubber compound for isolation of which I am aware) on my VPI HW-19 table, but they are no Townshend Seismic Pod. The cheaper IsoAcoustics feet, which many (including Art Dudley---see below) have found to be less effective at isolation that the GAIA, are all rubber.

$50 for a set of four Machina Dynamica Mini Isolator Springs is imo a gamble well worth making. I predict you will find they provide isolation superior to any of the IsoAcoustic footers. Of course, not all people really want isolation, but instead "tuning".

In his Stereophile review of the various IsoAcoutics feet, Art Dudley preferred the GAIA to the others under his Garrard 301. AD has apparently never been approached by the U.S. distributor of Townshend Audio, even after his review of the IsoAcoustics. If I were Max, I’d be looking for a better U.S.A. distributor!