Isolation disc for speaker spikes on wood floors.

Just did a little search, and it goes from pretty reasonable to quite expensive. Isoclean prices them as sets of 4, while others like Black Diamond and Symposium each. The BDR's are $30 each, but I need 8, so these things aren't cheap. The Isoclean's are $160/4, so they would run over $300. My sources are Music Direct, and Acoustic Sounds so far.
Try The Cable Co. They're a lot bigger and more knowledgeable. And much better to deal with. They'll send you all those cones first so that you can try them in your system. There's no better way to do it.
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I use VTI footplates. They are $5.00 each and come in three colors,Black,Silver and Gold. sells them.
Before spending more, try these, which cost only a penny apiece: pennies.
There are a number of options here. I opted for the Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider in brass at $16.89 each
You might try the Auralex isolation platforms...used by professional bands to isolate their equipment and speakers off the stage floor or recording studio floor. About $60 each, and they can carry loads of up to 200lbs each. No, not pretty though they do now come in all-black for home use. I have them under my Velodyne DD18 and it works exceptionally well so the wooden floor does not take the direct vibration straight down and 'sing along' with the bass. It allows me to be much more precise in how I set the bass level, crossover points, etc...
Wow- Thanks for all the suggestions. I reached out to Herbie, so I'll start there.
I have his tube damper rings, and I didn't think about him for these. I think his stuff is priced fairly, and hopefully will offer a nice upgrade over a penny. I just can't see a $6,000 speaker resting on 8 cents. Then there's the other extreme, where it gets crazy. Herbies products are certainly priced much closer to 8 cents than a few of these products. Cheers -Don
I like these quite a bit:

They are used in combination with their matching spikes which I felt were a nice sonic improvement over the stock brass spikes that were supplied with the Coincident outriggers (which I don't use).
How about cone coasters from Sound Anchors? I am using under my B&W 800's and two 15" subs.
The Herbies teflon gliders are nice and allow you to move the
speaker around to optimize the sound. I use them on a thin
carpet floor and really appreciate being able to easily move
the speakers if I have to. As an aside, Jim Smith from
"Get Better Sound" recommends these over spikes in
many cases, as the bass is more natural. Of course, that's
always going to be room and taste dependent, but I thought I'd
throw that in. For a non-sliding puck, I like the Linn
Skeets, as they have a small center hole for the spike to sit
in without damaging the sharp point. Good luck.
Palasr - intrigued by the viablue spikes. Wonder how well they would work over Herbie's gliders, which I am happy with mostly due to their maneuverability. Good looking spikes - any further comments, tips, etc on their application/installation?
I have tried many many of these under my Tannoy speakers, ranging from the typical 5 cent coins all the way to expensive Harmonix footers. The best value for money and most effective turned out to be the "Linn Skeet". You can find it on ebay UK. Produced by Linn with real engineering behind it, not just typical tone control stuff that other tweak-accessories companies sell. Try it, you will thank yourself for saving a lot of time, effort and money. Costs only GBP 50.

I have nothing really more to say about them, aside from the fact that they work well under my speakers, having gone through many different materials, spikes, discs, etc (Herbie's decoupling gliders being one of them - I knew within a minute that they weren't what I was looking for). As with all accessories of this nature, your results may vary.
I went w/ the Herbies Audio Labs. I bought 4 of his giant decouplers for under my rack. Then 8 of his DB neutralizer squares, which I will try between speakers and stands.