Isolation Springs Deal

Any value Audiogoners looking for a great audio value?  I have a set on these under my Raven Amp with nice results and more on order.



I bought the black ones that are much less noticable.

You can change the number of springs to change the load capacity. My tube amp is heavier in the rear so I took some springs out of the front to make it sit level.

I can't say that I heard an obvious improvement but they make sense.


@tweak1 sorry  but I was inquiring what you replaced the spring sets with st the higher price. Thanks

This is good news. A few months ago I bought three sets of these and placed six units under each of my 150 pound floorstanders. The springs made very noticeable improvements in the presence of deepest bass, bass clarity and separation of instruments in space and overall “sweetness.”

Earlier on I had installed a set of four Nobsound units under my heavy SS amp with very good results. I chose the Audiocrast units for the speakers because supposedly they supported more max weight per unit.

At this price I’ll have to order four more sets to replace some DIY isolation devices.

Great info. Thanks @tksteingraber 

I bought two sets, but they are still boxed. I will try them out soon under components.