Isolation suggestions for amplifer

Thanks for reading. I am looking for suggestions in the direction of amplifier isolation, feet, amp stands or whatever users have found that honestly do a good job isolating their amplifiers. I have a Sunfire amplifier sitting on a Michael Green Delux-just-a-rack currently and I am looking towards feet to get some air circulation under the amplifier but at the same time add some extra isolaation to the component.

I have tube monoblocks. Each is on a 3-inch thick maple platform and is supported by three EdenSound Bearpaw brass cones.
I use Herbie's grungebuster balls under the amp, pre & CDP. Each ball sits in a highly polished stainless steel cup which has a grungebuster dot underneath. You can check them out here

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to this stuff, so let me suggest reading this Although this particular report is based on an SACD unit, I'm pointing it out to show some of the differences between devices.

Picking an isolation device that works for you is trial & error like any other component-at least it was in my case.
Isolation devices can make you crazy. They make me crazy. One of my audio gurus said of them, "they often impart to the gear something of the sound of whatever they're made of." And, indeed, some of the devices made out of various metals can lend to one's gear a bit of a "cold" or "hard" which, I mean, you may get a top end that seems cleaner, and bass that seems better controlled (but could also be described as "leaner") and yet, like me, find that fatiguing after a while. That's how I hear Symposium isolation units, for example, used with the metal "pucks" that come with the bases. I've been able to alleviate that by using fairly hard rubber feet instead, marketed by BEL (Brown Electronic Labs). (I also tried some wood pucks, but didn't care for them either.)

Now, I use a Symposium isolation platform under my amp and under my turntable, but without the Symposium pucks/feet. I just use the feet that the manufacturers put on their units. (I figure Linn and CJ must know a little bit about how much isolation they want for their gear, after all.) I use some of the BEL rubber feet under one of my CD players. Otherwise, I quit using isolation doo-dads (other than that provided by the manufacturer of the gear). And I'm happy. I like the sound of my system (relatively well--better than I ever have before, in fact). I sleep at night. True, I know I'm a dinosaur, and pretty soon the Audiophile Police are going to come around and revoke my license, but, until then...

Oh, yes, Galen Carol's website has a very good discussion of the sonic effects of a number of isolation devices. One thing I like about the discussion is that it acknowledges that some people may like the effects of certain types of isolation doo-dads better than others. Watch out for anyone who insists that their isolation device is "the best" for all purposes.
If you want air circulation, use three tall points. I have watched so many similar threads and think you will get no consensus. You are really on your own. From my personal experience, i have concluded that soft materials are not what you want. This includes wood. I like pointed feet and not those made of steel. Good luck, isolation is very worthwhile.
Not telling him what product to buy, but in what direction to look. He has to make up his own mind what product purchase suits his need and his ear bones. Tom
Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I am really looking for a blend of both performance and air flow and ultimately something that doesn't detract from the performance by simply using it.
Nissancrazy, all we are saying is that you are on your own. Nobody here can tell you what is best as there is no consensus.
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Is it possible to isolate from airborne vibration? Seems like you would have to drain that somehow. This reminds me of a really old thread....the isolationist versus the drainers. I just use a solid spiked stand with 2" Maple Blocks beneath each piece and Herbie tube dampers and hope for the best. The system sounds pretty good.
I think the best isolation from airborne vibration is to pour concrete over the amplifier. This can, however, create some maintenance issues.

I am currently experimenting with an airborne isolation system involving helium-filled balloons tied to each of the 4 corners of the amplifier. At the moment, I'm having a problem with the cat, who likes to ride on it (because it's warm), and has figured out that by manipulating the balloons, she can guide it around the living room. Guests find this disconcerting. I guess I will have to try shorter interconnects.
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Three tall points on an absorbing base is best (see tbg et alia above) as long as the amp is VERY stable.

an airborne isolation system involving helium-filled balloons tied to each of the 4 corners of the amplifier
What's the point of isolating the amp when we're not isolating ourselves? As we all know, vibration affects our hearing, especially the high frequency perception.
Using another room for the equipment and running long cables proabably works; if you have a lot of time on your hands.