Isolation Transformers

I'll start off by saying that I read as many posts in the archives as my eyes will allow.
Having dedicated lines is not an option so this is the next best thing. I've read enough not to exceed the transformer of more than 60% of its power output.
All I seem to find on google is Tripp Lite but not Xentch or Topaz. One site had Topaz units listed at over a grand.

Can someone please direct me to where I can buy either of these units at a reasonable price.

Why not a OneAC or Powervar from Ebay? These are excellent units that can be had for 1/10 the original price on Ebay...
Take you're time bidding on them, should/can be had for about $10 per amp!!!
In build quality and performance, there is a considerable difference between the OneAc unit I bought on eBay and the Topaz I also found there. If OneAcs are cheaper than Topazes for similar capacity, I feel it is for a good reason.

They both made an appreciable difference to the sound, I found. However the Topaz was much quieter in operation and was a more effective isolator.

I also tried a Deltech unit and would rank it between the OneAc and the Topaz, and closer to the latter. I conclude that the bigger and heavier the transformer for a given rated power, the better. The Topaz I have is rated at 500 VA, for example, while the smaller (but massive also) Deltech has a 750 VA rating.

In an environment with very noisy AC to start with, neither unit completely quieted the power line to my transport, although the Topaz alone was in my opinion satisfactory. Still, I am looking for other things to try--possibly capacitors--as well.
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7.5 Kva MGE Topaz for 589$ plus shipping. 5.0 Kva for 511$.
Best of luck
Thanks much for the link, George. Knowing about this source, I feel much more comfortable planning this upgrade to my AC line.

There is one piece of info which would make me even happier if I had it. My present Topaz tranny has a capacitance rating on its sticker of .005 pF. I have checked out the data sheets for the 100 series at MGE online. Although there is an interesting page comparing Topaz with OneAC and PowerVar, there is no capacitance rating anywhere.

This is a question I will have to ask Mr. Magro.
Hi Freakygreek,

I did a long, hard search for a 220/110 5K Xentech, here's who I found has nearly all models : (Taiyo Yuden)

Click on isolation transformers in the navigation bar at left and yer in.