It's coming! My active 3 way center

Just a heads up team!

My first 3 speaker designs were passive, and quite happy with them but my next one is an active center channel using Hypex plate amp and premium drivers.

Stay tuned!




Congrats Erik! I use an Active CC too, no going back after this one, you will love it.

Thanks @kota1 - The amp just arrived from The Netherlands.  Now I have to finish the drawing for the cabinet, and order some drivers. :)


Nope, all Scanspeak.  Troels has an Illuminator center with a Scan-Speak 4"  midrange that got me thinking.

That's the only part from his design I'm keeping though. :)  The cabinet is a little elaborate due to the 3 internal chambers needed. 

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Quick update:  The cabinet is being manufactured and I expect to get it in my greedy hands early September. 

Welcome to the active CC club! I think we might be the only members.

Can’t wait to see it!  Curious Erik — what % of the total cost is the cabinet?

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@soix - About 20-30% if my labor is free. 😀

The plate amp is around $600, drivers around $1,000. To sell this speaker at retail they’d be ~ $16,000 each, but if you buy 3 for matching L/C/R I'll cut you a deal for $40,000. 😀

I had issues with the original cabinet maker taking my check without producing a cabinet, so I’m out of pocket much more than the cost of the cabinet.

There are a bunch of small parts that have to be procured as well. Thanks to covid the metric hex screws which used to be easy to acquire took weeks. I also have to get 3 or 4 different sizes of spades to make the driver connections, as well as cabinet stuffing.

My labor includes creating the original CAD drawings for the exterior, mechanical assembly and the hard part, doing the complete speaker analysis.

People assume once you have a DSP based crossover everything is simple and easy, but it’s not. Your brain time is very similar to desining a passive crossover. What’s easier is you no longer have to buy and assemble individual crossover components. What is still challenging is proper phase, amplitude and EQ matching. The techniques I plan on putting together should create a virtual point-source with very wide dispersion and very low distortion. That doesn’t happen in half an hour with a mic.