It’s kind of geeky, but…

“Physicists have discovered a novel metallic compound of hydrogen, carbon and sulfur exhibited superconductivity at a balmy 59 degrees Fahrenheit when pressurized between a pair of diamond anvils.”

This is truly a milestone achievement!  Although not of immediate benefit to audiophiles, the ramifications are HUGE!  Just think of superconducting cables!  WOW!    

Special isolation platforms for the diamond anvils coming Q1 next year.

BTW, did you look at the pressure under which the compound becomes a superconductor?
Yeah, "room temperature, in between two diamond anvils" sounds just about ready for commercial applications.....

I did think about posting it here, as I know some cable fanatic would be interested..... they just have to figure out a way to get six feet of the material between two tiny diamond anvils, with banana plugs on both ends.