iTransport for Zune

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a similar product like the iTransport for the Zune. I know there isn't much out there for the Zune.

The benefit (from what I can tell of the Wadia iTransport) is that it gets a digital signal from the Ipod and that is what makes it special. I would check out the Zune site and see if it is even possible on your model to somehow pull the digital only signal and if it is, then somebody at Zune should be of assistance. If pulling the digital signal is not the relevant factor, but just the convenience, I am sure there are several (non audiophile) typie devices that can assist. This would be starting as easy as a mini to 1/4" 1-2 cable adapter into your pre-amp.
Thanks for the response Ckoffend. I do want to pull the digital signal so I can hook it up to my Bel Canto Dac. I will check out the Zune site and their customer support and see what they say.
I don't know how much you have into the Zune, but I know there are some MP3 players that you can get a digital signal out of. I would consider doing a search as such or getting on a forum where MP3 players are discussed a bit more. Try also the headroom site as I think I have read some stuff they make that might do what you are looking, though not sure if it works with the Zune (nothing at all against the Zune, I just don't know much bout it).
I was just noticing last night that my son's Sansa has a connection that looks identical to the wider connection of the IPOD connectors for hooking up to the computer. Since the Wadia unit is configured to work with this connection type, I am thinking that any MP3 that has the same connection design may be compatible. Obvioulsy, this would mean that the output from such MP3 players would be identical to that of the IPOD, which may not be the case.