Japanese pressings/thanks to unknown collector

I was visiting my neighborhood record store this weekend and my jaw dropped as I saw one after another Japanese pressing of the most coveted Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd albums in an absolutely pristine condition. One does not often see such gems in used record stores.

I bought several Led Zeppelin records and "Meddle" wishing I could afford all of them.

The guy at the store told one collector brought all of the records. I have not been at this hobby, which has become my passion, for decades as many on this forum, but in the few years I've been buying records, I have not seen used records in such a perfect condition. In fact, I have not seen many brand new records in such a perfect condition. The records do not have the tiniest blemish, let alone scratch on them. The outer sleeves are absolutely pristine, as if they were released yesterday. The thought that someone had these records in his keep for over 30 or possibly 40 years and took such a tender care of them, humbles me and I cannot help but wish I could actually meet this person.

I cannot possibly imagine he was not the original purchaser as the chance than more than one person could maintain records in such a beautiful shape is next to zero. As happy as I am to be able to get my hands on some of these records, I sincerely hope the decision to part with them was not dictated by financial need or other adversity.

The records found a very good home and will be well taken care of. I still felt compelled to express my public thanks to this person, even if he will never know, for taking such an amazing care of this timeless music.

And the sound quality? Oh yeah.
Wow-congrats on he find. I am shocked that they were made available to you right away. My local record store has an e-bay acct, where they sell stuff like this. May I ask the general prices of these records. The last Japanese pressing I bought was in Montreal. It was copy of Deep Purple: Machine Head, I paid $30 for.
The records I bought were between $40 and $60. "Animals," the White Album, and LZ III were even more expensive. The range was $40 - $100.
I've purchased a number of Japanese jazz pressings and, while they were beautifully manufactured, to my ear, they sounded as if they were cut from inferior master tapes - perhaps some duplicates one too many generations away from the originals. I'm glad you like the ones you have, but I just haven't had good luck with them.
Congrats on your find. I'm five shades of green. You might consider taking out a loan and going back for the rest of them.
I have bought numerous Japanese pressings over the years. They have a plus, namely, very clean low noise pressings. They have a minus, namely, lack of inner detail, space/air, delicate detailed imaging, etc. If you have a favorite title you cannot find a clean pressing of, then Japanese can be the way to go. I find some US pressings have excessive noise, distortion, hashy-ness, and the Japanese version will not have this. The comment above of the 2nd generation master tape is usually the rule. Nowadays I steer clear of Japanese pressings.
Gorgeous, great packaging presentation, but in my experience, dull. At least with Classical. The exceptions include a stunning "Audio Clinic" of Janis' Prokofiev 3rd PC from Mercury spread over two sides--just stunning and surpassing even the SACD IMHO--and their "Maestro" and "Walter" series of Columbia Master tapes of Bernstein and esp. Walter (which I'm assuming are analog and blow-away any US releases) when Sony finally got their hands on them.
My stepson and I have lucked into a few like new Japanese pressings at reasonable cost. I scored two Japan-EMI Beatles albums, Rubber Soul and Revolver, on eBay. They had been opened but probably not played. The seller was in my town so we avoided shipping costs as well--$10 each and they both sound fabulous.

My stepson and I were rooting through the bins at an antique pavilion and he found a barely used Japanese pressing of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Fabulous sound and also $10. That week they were selling on eBay for around $150.
Since Jdaniel113 mentions classical finds, I'll eagerly share mine. I visited a record store downtown in the bar district where records are piled on top of one another, in stacks, on top of shelves and then there are even some in record bins. I went into the cellar basement to look a bit and came across 10 or so 200 gram mono Archive Productions (a period historic division of Deuthche Gramophone) from the early to mid 1950's.
They had a price tag of $4.00 a piece. The covers were in excellent shape so I put on my readers on to check out the condition. I kid you not, they were all virgin vinyl with 4 showing vinyl shards along the records outer edge. All of the printed cardboard inserts were included and pristine.
These platters are so heavy that a record weight is negotiable. This record store can run the extremes when it comes to condition but regardless, the prices stay at about $4.00 for classical mono. I've only played them once and I'm thinking that they should get a good cleaning, however they sound great for sitting in plastic covers for over the past 60 plus years.
I have about 40 Japanese pressings among my 4k record collection. I think they are excellent pressings and I would put them against any reissue out there.