Jay's "Ugly Truth" video


Why does this get mentioned so rarely? 

I've experienced the "dark side" and have never had the means to afford gear that's remotely close to the level that Jay focuses on. 

What about you -- can you relate or have you always been able to maintain a healthy balance and avoid being overtaken by obsession? 


He has an ego as Big as  East coast to the West, I owned a Audio store he many be right on many things but not all Gryphon makes great gear 

but his $75k 450 lb Amp just may be a bit excessive for 95% of all living rooms .

he likes to brag ,this shows how he is unhappy in other areas and have to have 

in excess to exhibit to the world 🌍 it’s called having a balanced life.

I don’t envy him , I don’t think his absolutes hold much water what impresses me much more is to build a Audio system for much less to be. At 90% + of these giant type systems.

"Lather was thirty years old today. They took away all of his toys." - Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane.

I have had a couple of one on one interactions with Jay and found that he gave me great advice.  He stayed within my budget, gave me both pro's and con's about the direction I was headed in and was able to connect with a fantastic deal on a component I was interested in purchasing.  He actually recommended product based on what I like to listen to and had demoed.

I can see how people would take him as over the top; however, I try not to confuse that with his passion for music.