Jazz LP Audiophile Recommendations

 Can someone recommend hi quality, audiophile jazz lps they've heard recently which had outstanding sonics?  I'm partial to classic jazz of the 50's, 60's, and 70's but would be willing to try something more recent.  I've had mixed results with some of the recent blue note purchases on 180G.  thanks.


If you can find a Vinyl Me Please box of 'Miles Davis - the Electric Years', those sound superb; many prefer them to the MoFi versions...

The Bill Evans trio albums are very well recorded. The music is not too bad either. 😉

@russellrcncom  I only have this on CD, but Gerry Mulligan - Dragonfly   Great list of artists helping out on this recording.  While the entire disc is great, the second track is a real stand out.  One of my go to selections when I want to let my system shine.  Cheers.

Shoji Yokouchi Trio “ Greensleeves”  outstanding performance and high resolution sound 

This pressed is better the One Step,MoFi,UHQR etc