JBL L100 Classic 75

Stopped in a the local shop today and they were excited to show me something they just got in which was still in their back room. To my surprise it was a giant wooden crate that of Toyota Prius could fit in. On the crate nicely stamp it read JBL L100 Classic 75. Both speakers come inside one giant crate. Way cool but crazy large and I suspect to hold the value of these speakers one should keep the crate. Has anyone else seen this crate? Kidding on the size a little but it’s a lot larger than one would guess. Unfortunately they’re pretty sure they have a buyer so they’re not unboxing. Attached a YouTube video that shows the crate early on but doesn’t really give a good sense of the scale.

The speakers themselves aren't really that large. JBL has speakers that are much larger than those.
I do like the original L100's. Lifetime warranty to the original buyer, still sound great, never had to service in 45 years. Maybe could use some new caps, but my brother still likes the sound. Built well to last.
Yes, jasonbourne52 they were the rocker's speaker of choice back in 1970. They went loud with reasonable power. My best friend of the day, his brother had a pair with a crown preamp and D 150 amplifier. I was jealous until I got my Klipsch Heresy's and realized that for some reason I preferred the sound of these powered by a Stereo 70 and PAS3x preamp.
I didn't know why at the time but in comparing the two systems I thought mine sounded better. I can't recall why I thought the Heresy's sounded better but, part of it was probably the ampification.  D 150's had reputation of sounding a bit harsh. TIM had not been discovered yet.
It would be interesting to compare the two speakers today.
Indeed the speakers are not that large physically. I’m beating most have seen a pair in person, owned a pair or knew someone that did. For those that haven’t, they probably have seen the famous Maxwell tape blown away ad, and the video I posted shows the speaker out of the crate. Dedicated stands come with the set and I’m only guessing the two individual boxes that contain the speakers have a lot of packaging between the cardboard boxes and crate. Was just surprised by the size of the crate.

Grew up with the 70’s L100 and know the speaker well and it was fun at the time. The remake is a substantially better speaker and I would very much like to hear the limited anniversary model but doubt they store will throw them on the floor. That being said, for the current release, I think it sounds nice but not sure for most people it’s worth $4K for the production model… but still very cool looking with the orange sculptures grills.