JBL Studio 590

Well I just bought the JBL Studio 590 after multiple YouTube and forum searches talking about how they’re so great for the money.. I’m sure that most people here will "nose up" at them because of their price at $499 each but if they’re in line with my JBL Studio 530’s, these should be awesome.

Put it this way, I sold my KEF LS50’s because the JBL Studio 530s ran all over them in my experience.
I didn't want it to happen because I'm an invested KEF guy..  We'll see how these do against my KEF R900's with Isoacoustic Gaia II feet.
I owned a pair for about 18 months.Yes they are very good speakers for the type.Basically they give you a good taste of what large horn speakers are capable of-a big open soundstage,excellent dynamics and lots of vibrancy and presence .Unlike most horns they measure extremely well  and have very good driver integration so sound seamless.
They need a big room with  lots of space around them to sound their best.My room was really not big enough for them and the bass was a bit overpowering as a result.Which was the only reason I sold them.They sounded superb with my Almarro 318 SET amplifier and I think that is their real attraction-they work really well with lowish powered tube amps.Very few mainstream speakers do.
Curious what amp are you using with the jbl and kef prior and how big is the room?

I'm currently going to be using an Anthem STR Integrated Amp.  The room is big and odd.. It's connected to a kitchen (open concept kinda thing) that puts my listening position right in a dead spot.
Excellent.  However, I refused the shippment so I never actually took hold of them.  I decided they were too big and impossible to sell.
Well then.  I wasn't expecting that at all, more because you never kept them.  Anyhooo, the reason i asked is because I've read plenty of horror stories about their delivery.   I ordered a pair last week (Monday) and was promised delivery by the very following Friday.  I expected some hiccups.  The delivery hairball started to grow.  Today, I called the "freight company".  The hairball is getting bigger.  But like I said, I expected it.  Just wanted to see how your experience went. 
kef ls50s are very good within their limits but are small and do not do well in large rooms. You need bigger KEFs for that.  They also need a beefy power amplifier to drive them well.  I have not heard the Anthem but on paper it looks like that should do pretty well.

I ordered mine about 12 days ago. Just got a call yesterday telling me they would be showing up on Nov 8th.  I think they are travelling on the back of a giant tortoise.
Riaa:  It's the "showing up" part that scares me.  they have a 4 hr. delivery window that's pretty much unpredictable.  when i called them yesterday, i told them i'd rather pick them up from their warehouse even if its a 45 minute drive each way.  at least i know i'll have them. we shall see. 
I had them shipped to my post office. A 4 Hour Window is better than what you would get with FEDEX or UPS.  I have a Fedex business account and they can show up anytime within a 12 hour period. Good luck with your delivery!
So I've had them for about 3 weeks now, I think.  They truly are spectacular speakers.  I'm not going to miss my Genesis APM-1s.  Actually, I can't wait to get rid of them.  

I bought 590's in Spring of 2019.  Delivery was a bit slow and communication was almost non-existant but they did arrive in fine shape.  I can't complain, especially in light of the price --free shipping included.  I bought them for HT but they ended up replacing my Cornwall IV's in the 2-channel rig, which I then sold.

I am not surprised you liked them better than the cornwalls. The quality of the low cost JBLs has me interested in seeking out a pair of JBL 4367s. 
Can you give some details on what you liked better about the JBLs? Was it an equivalent for less money or better? 
I have demoed the Cornwall IV a few times and have several friends with the JBLs but never heard them together. 
I have thought about buying 4x590s for rear speakers but keep getting side tracked with two channel stuff. Maybe next time they are on sale.