Jeff Rowland Aeris vs Ayre QX-5 Twenty

Hey, I was wondering if anybody had a chance to compare these dacs and what they thought. 
Thank you
That will be really a hard choice, I have an Ayre, I like the look of the Rowland better. Good words have been used about it. What equipment are you connecting it to?
I have computer speaker set up as well as really good headphone system. I used to have Codex which is really good so that gives me an idea about Ayre. I just didn't like how close the rca outputs are together and even though my interconnects are not in any way thick, they would really push against each other on the rca. I would use usb inputs. I think it would be an interesting comparison, due to both of them likely having very clean and balanced sound.
See above...I think the answers are in reverse. Anyway, I think really neat comparisons, apples to apples (or is it oranges to oranges?)...I'm looking for clean sound, separation, definition, looks like too much "analogue" may not work for me ( I know I'll burn in hell). For that I have tube headphone amp and warmish speakers...
I never owned any Rowland gear, but I have owned both Codex and the QX-5 Twenty. The the QX-5 is way better than Codex. By a huge margin. 
I have the QB9 Twenty and am thrilled with the upgrade from it's earlier incarnations. Then I bought a Bryston BDP Pi and that was a giant leap forward from when I was using a MacMini. So my thought is that the Ayre will definitely deliver but I can't compare it, as I haven't heard the Rowland. I'm rather curious as to why there aren't more hybrid tube DACs on the market.
The QX-5 Twenty is not only a superb DAC, it’s Roon-ready. In my setup I just select the music I want to hear using my iMac, and that starts up the QX-5, KX-5 Twenty preamp, and VX-5 Twenty amp via AyreLink. Couldn’t be more convenient.
Kind of looking like there are more Ayre owners out there. I love the look of the Rowland... and it has been a while... but there equipment in the past has been really outstanding.