Jena Labs owners- Speaker cable +/- spacing?

Just wondering how you space your speaker cables given their braided design and separate positive and negative runs. Is it better to have some space between the positive and negative runs or keep them close together(touching)?
I have more modest cables than your Jena Labs (I have TARA Labs Master gen II) which also have separate + & - runs. There is some guidance in the manual about running then alongside each other (touching) & twisting them (a certain # of twists/ft) depending upon the coupling intended. I'll have to go back & read that again (I used to know it off the top of my head but not any longer!). Right now I have them running parallel & touching, which I determined was the best for my present needs.
I use cable elevators, and try to space the cables as much as is practical, but I don't hear any difference when I put them on top of or alongside each other. I think you'll be OK either way. The elevators help remove the cables from the carpet, which holds static electriciity. They can make a big difference.