Input/Output jack spacing on Schiit Loki Max?

Does anyone know whether Schiit used the same tight spacing for the jacks on the Max as on the Lokius and Loki?


Yeah; I could do that. 

My experience with them in the past has been that they've taken an awfully long time to respond, so I thought perhaps someone here might know. 


Thanks. I have seen the photos but it's still not clear to me whether the spacing is actually any different. 




Thanks. The photos do not show these units at the same scale --  compare the relative sizes of the inputs. Those on the Max appear smaller, here but I think it they are more likely the same size.

I do appreciate your motivation to help.

I believe the best solution is to contact Schiit. 




All the inputs are standard size RCA and/or XLR. That is not an issue.

Your original concern seemed to be the spacing between them. The photos show that difference clearly. Regardless, really should not matter no matter the model chosen.


Apologies for my failure to communicate more clearly. I certainly didn't intend to take up so much of your time with this!  

What I attempting to point out was simply that I find it very difficult to ascertain the relative spacing when the photos do not  show the units at the same scale. 

I'd have to either see them "in person", next to one-another, or a see a photo in which they were placed next to one-another, to ascertain whether the spacing is the same. 



There's currently a Loki Max for sale, here. The seller confirmed jack spacing is the same as on the Lokius. Disappointing. 


That isn’t true. The spacing on the Loki Max is farther apart than the Lokius, not the same.


I suppose the seller could've made a mistake. 

My Lokius measures as 1/4 inch spacing.