Jethro Tull recent Remasters vs Mobile Fidelity?


Curious if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the recently released remastered Tull CDs (all with "bonus tracks")with the Mobile Fidelity Gold disc offering. Thanks!
Yes, the remasters are much better. They are much clearer than the Mobile Fidelity although you will hear the inherent distortion in the recording. Some of the bonus tracks are well known, mostly from Living in the Past. By the way, IMHO the Pink Floyd remasters by Doug Sax are outstanding and far far superior to any of the Mobile Fidelity versions. Highly recommended!
I happen to disagree with Bjack70jr. The JT remasters have a thin quality when A/B'd against the MoFi's. The Floyd remasters are better but the stereo image is closed-down a little bit. On the other hand, it's great to have JT's "This Was" and "Benefit" sounding so much better. If I couldn't have MoFi's I'm sure the remasters would be thrilling.
Sorry, I agree with Bjack. MoFi's issues have always sounded slightly dark and closed in. Check out the Sony/Legacy reissue of Byrd's "Untitled" vs. MoFi to see what I mean. Could have something to do with the equipment we all have, but I've listened to them with a lot of different stuff - same slight heaviness and slightly closed in.
I just spent last night listining to the Tull remasters, Benefit, and Aqualung. I have to agree with Bjack the remasters are excellant! i prefer the new remasters to the Mofi. i agree with Tom, some Mofi issues(both CD and LP) seem to have a dark and closed in sound.
Thanks for the replies, that is really great to hear! The MoFi albums I'm missing in my collection are selling for stupifiying prices on idiot-bay, this is so good to hear! I'm going to pickup a couple now to compare myself, thanks again!