Jico V LP Gear or any other replacement stylus

Dear all I am thinking of getting a JVC X1 - but I anticipate that come what may I will have to get a new stylus. Who makes the best Shibata and or line stylus assembly and why?
Stick with original, or don't waste your money. It really is that simple. None of those Jicos sound any good and certainly won't sound like the original. 

I think you mis-read my post. The cartridge I mentioned is no longer manufactured - hence an original is a highly unlikely option - hence the original question
You can’t buy anything close to the original JVC Shibata, all aftermarket styli sucks, sorry. There is no Jico for X-1, only for X-1II (orange). Even Jico X1II is not equal to the original X-1IIe or X-1II styli. The original Victor styli are Beryllium/Shibata. I have the original X-1II with original stylus in Mint- condition if you need one. It will be impossible to find original stylus for X-1 model, even if you will find used X-1 the suspension can be bad (i’ve had at least 3 of them in the past). Anyway aftermarket stylus is not an option if you want to have high-end MM cartridge, they are amazing with genuine victor styli.
@lohanimal I did not mis read OP. If you cannot get original stylus, toss the cartridge into garbage and look for another good cartridge. Maybe something new and current? Or maybe good condition used/NOS? Lots of options out there. There's no point in saving it and wasting money on aftermarket crap. Replacing cartridges is part of enjoying vinyl, so if you're going to play the game, then you have to also spend appropriate money to get a good replacement.