How do i get replacement drivers from Genesis

Hi, the original 60 and 72 inch ribbon tweeter was a Carver Ribbon. I heard Carver was back in business, but they dont make that ribbon no more. The replacement 60 and 72 inch ribbon was a BG ribbon. But here's my question. Genesis made custom made alluminum woofers, the midbase drivers and those circular ribbon tweeter. What happens if people need to get a replacement woofer or ribbon tweeter. How would you get them.
I could be wrong, but I think the site applies to the OLD Genesis company, not Arnie's. I also had not heard that Carver had made drivers for Genesis.

I think Bill A. from Genesis mentioned something about a forthcoming announcement that would direct people toward help and support, once the dust settles.

I also was wondering what to do if any of the many drivers in my Genesis 500's need replacing, but Human Speakers supplies parts for another line of speakers by an also-out-of-business speaker manufacturer called Genesis Physics Loudspeakers. I went to the website for info, but unfortunately these don't look anything like the Genesis speakers I own and have seen in the mags! I hope the Genesis Technologies company comes back to life in some form. They made too many great products to just fold up their tents and ride away.
The aluminium cones are mid-bass couplers. My V's also have two, visually different, 8" woofers. I am looking for the original manufacturer but haven't located them yet.
Any way we can pool resources on this issue? No-one I have contacted seems to know the provenance of the Genesis drivers...
A little of topic: I'm pretty sure those Genesis used Carver drivers. I remember the Audio Critic slamming one of the Genisis models and upset that here's some ribbon drivers that cost less than $200 each in a $60,000+ ($80,000?) system. To quote: "Where's the extra $50,000? The veneer?"

As far as getting replacement: to answer your question, it may mean finding an "equivalent" driver: i.e. one of comparable quality, or better, suitable for the application and with suitable Thiel/Small parameters. You'll have to do your own work in other words. There may be no off the shelf buy-this-and-put-it-in, but if you need to keep them alive and running it could probably be done and without nearly the headache as actually designing something from the ground up.
Sorry for that.I had not gone into the site.I saw them advertise Genisis.
If anyone know the story of the first former pls email me.
I found this site, don't know if it is useful.
Alot of Genesis Technology people moved on and are still available. Fortunately I am not having any problems now but if I did then I think I would try either Paul McGowan at PS Audio or Mark Shifter at Perpetual Technology and hope that professional courtesy for some very expensive speakers/products would allow them to at least aim us in the right direction for suitable replacements.

I have replaced both midranges for 350 series through B & G in Carson City Nevada and have their information if anyone needs it.
We have Genesis drivers for the following models; 200, 300, 400, APM-1, AMP-2, G-500, G-750, G-800, G-928, Model V, G-350 and G-350SE. Feel free to visit our website site to be launched 12/14/01. For immediate asistance feel free to call 352-378-0192 ask for Curtis or Paul. Store hours are 10am-7pm EST. We can also be reached thru email
Hi all,

A.C.A. received the following Announcement which I think it might interest Genesis owners:


From: "Jacquelyn Koh"
To: "Audiophile Club of Athens"
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 6:23 AM
Subject: Genesis: News and Launch


I've noticed that your website for the Audiophile Club of Athens at has many articles on Genesis speakers and products, and indicates many members who own our products.

As such I'd like to ask if you would be interested to receive the Press Release for the launch of the new company Genesis Advanced Technologies, which will be taking over the Genesis product line.

We also have the press release on our website at

Thanks and Best Regards,
Genesis Advanced Technologies (Pte) Limited
192 Waterloo Street, Jacquelyn Koh General Manager
#07-01, Skyline Building, DID: (65) 6 332-2300 Fax: (65) 6 339-3112
Singapore 187966